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Pressure In Head While Meditating?

edited March 2011 in Meditation
I've been practicing Vipassana meditation twice a day for the past week and a half and I think things have been going relatively well for being a noobie. I do 20 minutes on my lunch break and half an hour at home in the evening. On days off, 1/2 hour and 1/2 hour. Anyway, in the past three days, I have felt something that feels like "pressure on my brain" (only way to describe it) from one temple across the forehead to the other temple. It is not painful, just a pressure and often takes a while to subside after meditation. Any ideas? I feel that my face is relaxed, so I don't think I'm doing anything odd there. Also, the first few days of meditation, I had spontaneous feelings of extreme joy while sitting, but that has been replaced by just a general sense of calm...this is typical, correct?


  • sounds like you're opening or touching your third eye. i actually had this same experience a while back. your best bet is to either ignore it and keep doing what you're doing. or you can bring awareness to the felt sensation and just abide there. and then when you find something more interesting move onto another area.

    meditation should be joyful and calming. you're doing it right. keep going in that direction!!
  • TakuanTakuan Veteran
    You know, I felt something similar to this while practicing breathing meditation from one of Mahasi Sayadaw's guides. Basically, I meditated while focusing on the breath. After relaxing, I started focusing on the breath from the nostrils and moving my attention to the middle of the forehead, as the instructions stated. After doing this for a while, I did feel a slight pressure in that area. I assumed that it was because my attention was placed there and continued to meditate. About an hour into the session, the only thing I noticed was my breathing. By "notice", I mean that it was the only thing I was aware of. It was kind of like the breath was the only thing that existed. For a brief second, I did feel a random sensation of unexplainable joy, but it only happened once. After that session, my mediations have gotten a bit deeper and I find it easier to concentrate.
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