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Can't post using my iPad 2

MountainsMountains Veteran
edited June 2011 in NewBuddhist.com
In common with a couple of other sites I've come across, newbuddhist.com doesn't allow posting from an iPad. There is some glitch in the IOS software that doesn't bring the keyboard up on the iPad when trying to input text (even to log in) on the site. I can view it just fine in Safari on the iPad (also tried iCab, etc). Of course Apple acts as if I'm the only one who has experienced this, but there are pages of posts on the Apple tech forums about it. I hope they fix it in future releases of the IOS, but in the meantime, it's read only.


  • LincLinc Community Instigator Detroit Moderator
    Is this still going on? Do you know of a fix?
  • It still happens with some sites. I've been able to post here though. I'm waiting for IOS 5 to come out.
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