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spiritual crisis symptoms

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has anyone here had one? these have been mine as outlined here;


  • all due respect - why here? buddhist thought has an element of faith but eschews the concepts of god and soul and placing responsibility for yourself externally - are you in crisis - and lost....? might as well ask "emptiness" to help you...no offense intended....

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    wow i love these high minded buddhist types-- why here? why not here ? i am very aware of that, being no self, but realizing you have no self might also be a not so wonderful experience of bliss and fairy dust...i love how you say " all due respect" " no offense intended" when you drip with patronizing sarcasm,vitriolic rage and egotisitcal holier than thou fuck you-isms.
    by the way fuck you and ur big ass ego

  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
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    What do you think is happening during a dark night crisis rabbit, assuming its a true account? I don't mean metaphysically I mean in buddhist terms? It seems to help out somehow to go through.
  • LincLinc Community Instigator Detroit Moderator
    by the way fuck you and ur big ass ego
    That language is completely unacceptable here and you will be banned if you lash out like that again. Rabbit may have been insensitive but he was not insulting and did not deserve that.
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