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full site to mobile

aMattaMatt Veteran
edited August 2011 in NewBuddhist.com
When I'm on my phone I use the mobile site layout. If I click the "full site" link, the only way I can find to get back to the mobile layout is by clearing all the web cookies. Is there a link for it somewhere?

I've clicked that full site link many times on accident, as its a micron under the "post response" button and easy to press with my touch screen. Not a terrible problem or whatnot, it'd just be nice to have the link elsewhere, or a way to get back to the mobile profile without clearing all the cookies on the device. Is there such a way?


  • BhanteLuckyBhanteLucky Monk since 2014 A Forest Monastery Veteran
    I'm trying to find my way back to the mobile version too. How?
  • aMattaMatt Veteran
    The only way I know is to delete the cookies in the browser on the phone. On an android device, its under More>Settings>Clear all cookie data.
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