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As far as meditation goes sitting vs chanting does it achieve the same results? Or is one better than the other Religion or a combination of both.


  • DhammaDhatuDhammaDhatu Veteran
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    in Pali, one chants the teachings. so chanting helps develop understanding and purify & concentrate the mind for meditation :)
  • Each form of meditation has specific goals and effects.

    Chanting helps to re-enforce the teachings in one's mind, and helps connect one's day to day experiences with the teachings being chanted. Mantra repetition has similar effect, but it goes further, anchoring the mind upon a fixed point throughout fluctuating mindstates until the mantra begins to happen on its own. Concentration meditation also focuses on the mind on a single object, ultimately bringing it into the jhana states. Vipassana cultivates insight into the nature of temporal and conditional nature of arising phenomena and how the mind attaches, also leading one towards the jhana states. Metta meditation brings the mind to a state of universal love and compassion towards oneself and all sentient beings, thereby increasing one's aim towards enlightenment for the sake of all beings.
  • What are the differences between Zen meditation and Tibetan?
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