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Malaysian Guru Offering Tours Of Heaven And Hell.

DaltheJigsawDaltheJigsaw Veteran
edited December 2011 in General Banter
A visit to the afterlife will set you back $61. Via Mind Power News, an account from a reporter who attempted the otherworldly journey:

A group of daring people took the opportunity to be part of a ‘Hell Tour’ in Penang. The trip was organised by Master Kek Eng Seng of the Tze Bei Guan Yin Dhamma Centre, who claims that he can travel through the realms of Earth, Heaven and Hell. For the first time in Malaysia, he offered people the opportunity to visit the ‘Afterworld’.

The number of Hell travelers was brought down to slightly more than 50, including a dozen reporters from the Chinese dailies and yours truly.

As night fell, the group, all clad in white shirts symbolising purity and sincerity, gathered at Padang Brown in Georgetown for the “tour”.

After some prayers and rituals, we were all set to start our journey at around 10.15pm. My eyes were covered with a paper talisman wrapped in a yellow cloth. Then, the lights were switched off.

As I listened to the chants by Master Kek, my head became very hot, as though there was a stream of warm air trying to get out of my body through the top. (Master Kek later explained this by saying that my soul was trying to get out of my body.) The feeling came three to four times but was gone within minutes.

I tried hard to concentrate but my mind was distracted by the sounds from a Chinese opera show nearby and noises from the watching crowd.

About 45 minutes after the “tour” began, I saw lights and followed their direction but I soon fell into darkness again with some circles flying towards me.

It was like watching a science fiction movie with a spacecraft traveling through a stream of meteoroids. (Master Kek later explained that I was passing through a whirlpool while on my way to “Hell”.) But, I was again distracted by the noises and failed to enter “Hell”.

Unfortunately, only about a dozen people in the group claimed to have managed to break the barrier and enter the realm.

Chiang Kee Chuan from China Press was the only ‘lucky’ one from among the media participants. “I saw a rainbow hanging on a beautiful sky, and a monk advised me to become a vegetarian,” he said.

Another woman, who declined to be named, said she saw many ‘people’ at a pasar malam (night market). Before she could tell more, Master Kek asked if the street’s name is Ba Jiao Jie (Octogon Street) and she gave him a Yes.

Another female participant said she saw her departed mother from a distance, but she could not go near and speak to her.
On seeing the disappointed faces of the reporters later, the master promised to take us on a second trip on Monday.



  • Very interesting.
  • personperson Don't believe everything you think 'Merica! Veteran
    $61 for a trip to heaven! Thats way cheaper than those tickets to the Bahamas.
  • I think I am far too skeptical by nature for this to ever work on me, even if I wanted it to.
  • Sorry, Tom, but the headline and first sentence was enough to emit a soundless guffaw...


  • CinorjerCinorjer Veteran
    edited December 2011
    From his website:

    Welcome to the world of Tibetan Feng Shui

    The mysteries surrounding Tibet is more than what you may have already know. For many of us, the chances of ever going to Tibet to witness for ourselves the Tibetan livelihood is a mere dream.

    This site serves the objective to introduce to you, a Tibetan Master, Master Kek Eng Seng and the many mystical objects surrounding the Tibetan Buddhism (some call it Lamaism) that brings us wealth, prosperity and happiness for all levels of the society.

    I gotta admit, you Tibetan Buddhists out there know how to liven up a meeting. Beats the heck out of a Zazen hall where all we can hope for is to hear the sound of one hand clapping.
  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited December 2011
    An enlightened lama sat on his zafu and one of his disciples came to him.
    "Master," he said, as he bowed, "there is a soldier at the gate who states he has travelled many months to seek an audience with you. He declares himself to be a great Overlord, but I'm not sure....."
    The master bade his disciple admit the soldier.
    When the door opened, a tall imposing man walked in, his sword by his side.
    But he was filthy, dishevelled, was distinctly malodorous and obviously had kept the company of a good but well-ridden horse....his clothes carried a pervasive stench, and he had obviously not washed either them - or himself - for some time.
    He stood before the Guru, and bowed, lightly.
    "Master!" he boomed,"I have been travelling for many months to find you.I have sought you far and wide, and have journeyed for days, without stopping, because, I seek the answer to a question posed to me by a prisoner I captured. My manservant, who had heard of your fame, informed me you have the answer I seek.
    Tell me - What is Hell? and what is Heaven?"
    The guru gazed up at him, with a calm countenance, then began his reply.
    "You filthy, stinking wretched creature....! You dare to come before me, your sword by your side, smelling worse than a rotten pigsty, in this hallowed temple, and demand to know things which your empty, ignorant and stupid head cannot possibly ever comprehend?!? Get out of my sight! you are not even worthy to keep a dog company while it forages for scraps in garbage, such is your lowly stench!"
    the Overlord, incensed and enraged by such an insolent and arrogant welcome, instinctively drew his sword, and swung it above his head, ready to strike a fatal blow.
    "That, " quietly spoke the Guru, without flinching, "is Hell."

    The Overlord was so astonished by this calm riposte, in the face of certain, swift and sudden death, that he was brought to a sudden halt, in mid-swing, so profound was his astonishment. He calmly bought the sword down to his side....
    "and that, "continued the Guru, a flicker of a smile fleeting across his face, "is Heaven."

    payment via paypal, or cash. No credit cards. Thanks. :D
  • BonsaiDougBonsaiDoug Simply, on the path. Veteran
    If I'm not mistaken, there is no indigenous Tibetan Feng Shui. :scratch:
  • Why would I pay for a tour of my own mind?

  • Thanks for sharing, @federica. Beautiful reminder!
  • for $61, i'd be the first one in line to try this.

    I don't mind losing $61 and see for myself.

    even if nothing happen, the whole experience seems to worth it to me. :)
  • Those who wish to see hell
    need only open their eyes to the misery around them.
    Those who wish to see heaven
    do something about alleviating that misery.
  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    Thanks for sharing, @federica. Beautiful reminder!
    yeah, thanks @Raven! :) It is quite good, isn't it?
    If nobody else can see it, I can repeat the same story for you on Monday....;)


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