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Making A Dinosaur From A Chicken


  • Scientists who want to genetically engineer chickens and reactivate their ancestral traits to make a "Chickenosaurus" --- and what could possibily go wrong with this idea? LOL
  • lol, nothing at all obviously! I would want one if they were ever made, on my plate that is :D :lol:

    I was not too exact with what I was asking looking back now, I was asking what people thought abotu messing around with genes and animals in this way from a moral perspective.
  • DharmakaraDharmakara Veteran
    edited May 2012
    To be honest, the first thing I thought of was a KFC joke similar to what the guy said, more or less wondering if the fast food chain was underwriting the project.

    From a moral perspective, it seems that it might be the equivalent of opening Pandora's Box, not to mention the lack of any benefit when it comes to living creatures that currently exist in the world.

    I'm really not sure where this ranks on the morality scale though, especially with some of the other projects scientists have going --- for example, one group has already created a synthetic life form that's self-replicating:


  • Dibbs on the drumstick...
  • DaftChrisDaftChris Spiritually conflicted. Not of this world. Veteran
    Bet it tastes great fried.
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