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Mind-full or Mindful?

sovasova delocalized fractyllic harmonizinggreat lakes Veteran
edited August 2012 in Buddhism Basics
just wanted to share this, perhaps it's been around before, but I liked it so much I thought you guys should see it! =)


  • CloudCloud Veteran
    Very nice!
  • Sweet :)
  • Love it!

    Here's a couple more -


    Have agood one!
  • I think reality is also on the left. Getting rid of thoughts can be counterproductive.

    At the same time the running commentary we are doing in our heads is not necessary and I think the cartoon is insightful to that truth.
  • SpinyNormanSpinyNorman It's still all old bollocks Veteran
    Getting rid of thoughts can be counterproductive.
    How so? They're nothing but trouble if you ask me. ;)
  • PP, because the thoughts are not self, and are out of our control. Thus grasping to a quiet mind either agitates or dulls.
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