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Good example of one Thai's view of how karma works.

vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran
First, I'm putting this under comparing religions since it is a comparasin of what I have referred to in the past as to the difference between an "old world" and "new world" view of karma.

Second, I need to preface the example with a bit of background. I knew this particular Thai person for over 20 years. He is well educated (two university degrees) and has gone on educational study exchanges in at least 2 foreign countries. He is fluent in English, has a solid background in computer technology. So we are not talking about a backwoods hick. We were in a relationship long before, but also throughout the 2 years I lived in Thailand. I left Thailand when the riots struck a little over 2 years ago because it seems like a toxic country to me at this time, and the quality of the relationship I was in was very unsatisfying. When I left, I wanted to provide some security to my partner; suffice to to say that the $15,000 I left was manipulated into $30,000 by him.

We are still in touch, and last night he informed me that his second open heart surgery (he had open heart surgery about 20 years ago) will take place sometime between 10 days and a month from now, and that he is very worried that he is going to die. I asked why, and he said because of all the bad things he has done in recent years. I asked him like what? He mentioned the money situation alluded to above, and the bad things he did in our relationship.

This is among the very good examples I've seen of how the average Thais view karma.


  • Yea it is similar to how people in the west think of as karma, people who are not Buddhist or have very much knowledge about Buddhism. Kind of like a conscious being somewhere handing out punishment and reward.
  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran
    ^^ Exactly, Tom.
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