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E-books on Zen

RodrigoRodrigo São Paulo, Brazil Veteran
Found this site with some PDFs about Zen. Though that it could be interesting for some of you:



  • Thank you!!
  • Many thanks Rodrigo. I am reading the twelve page Zen and Dzogchen booklet as I have a Buddha Hood to live in.

    Therefore, the non-gradualist path does not depend upon the relative-conventional Law of Causality—cause and effect—to provide a relative cause for the ultimate truth of Buddhahood. In this subtler, greater view, what appeared to be the distant “goal”—our primordially pure, beautiful original face—is always spontaneously present and awake at the spiritual heart of all beings, right now. ”Open the door... follow the path right to the end” (H.H. The Dalai Lama).

    Oh Dalai
    Salih of Qazwin taught his disciples: "Whoever knocks at the door continually, it will be opened to him." Rabia Basri, hearing him one day said: "How long will you keep saying that the door will be opened? The door has never been shut."
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