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Botox reduces empathy

personperson Don't believe everything you think'Merica! Veteran
No, Botox injections don’t zap brain cells. (At least not so far as we know.) According to a new study by David T. Neal, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, and Tanya L. Chartrand, a professor of marketing and psychology at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business, people who have had Botox injections are physically unable to mimic emotions of others. This failure to mirror the faces of those they are watching or talking to robs them of the ability to understand what people are feeling, the study says.



  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    Reminds me of William James a philosopher: I took a course in college. He said that smiling causes happiness. Pragmatist philosophy.
  • Yes, I have experienced this, and practice it every day! (no, not botox--smiling! haha) I do believe that happiness can be "reverse engineered," so to speak.
  • betaboybetaboy Veteran
    Botox ... reducing empathy and wrinkles since 1980.
  • chariramacharirama Veteran
    edited June 2013
    Now people will have to decide which is more important.
  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    Dharma=inner beauty
    Botox=inner and outer monstrosity

    Just shine. :)
  • howhow Veteran
    edited June 2013

    Imagine handicapping your ability to communicate through your facial expressions in order to present a mask to others of who you are not.
    The study results are skewed by choosing folks who's decisions to take botox already show a low priority in empathizing with others.
  • CittaCitta Veteran
    I can't say I am surprised.
    I was in Venice recently and the number of ( mostly ) women with identikit frozen faces with all trace of individuality removed was truly tragic.
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