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Books on meditations centered on specific subjects?

Craig_NZCraig_NZ New
edited June 2013 in Meditation
Hello all-
Does anyone have a recommendation for either a favorite author focusing on various topics (suffering,etc..) or, perhaps an author/editor has assembled a compilation of meditations from various teachers on a single subject?
The idea for daily practice is to find one meditation on each topic that speaks best to me, and then each day spend focused time on one of them, in addition to my other practice elements.
Many thanks.


  • riverflowriverflow Veteran
    edited June 2013
    Thich Nhat Hanh: Your True Home has 365 brief passages from Thich Nhat Hanh that I have been using for similar purposes.


  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    I'm not sure I understand. Do you want pointing out instructions on a variety of meditations? Do they have to be contemplative techniques?

    Just a note. Meditation is like riding a bike. You can read how to ride, but you have to balance it yourself. So meditation methods are pointing out instructions (I feel).
  • fivebellsfivebells Veteran
    edited June 2013
    Hi, Craig. I meditate the way you're describing. I generally use Thanissaro's talks (he has over two thousand linked there, as well as a set of shorter talks.)

    He also has transcribed talks in book form, if that is more your thing. His Meditations series is free for download, and you can request paper copies by snail-mailing the address at the bottom of that page. (I have all five.)
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