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A science for death and Near death Experiences

cvaluecvalue Veteran
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There are things that science can't prove but there are thousands of eye-witnesses. Now with new technology, doctors are able to revive the death, so people who were clinically dead can come back to tell their experiences. I find this subject fascinating!

Peter Fenwick - Toward a science for death related phenomenon and consciousness:

Dr. Melvin Morse - Near death experiences:


  • I used to believe in most of the near death experience accounts, until I saw this:

    (fast forward to 15:00 minute mark)

    Now I question if the whole "white light" thing isn't just our brains shutting down and that's about it.
  • DakiniDakini Veteran
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    A year or two ago a neuroscientist had an NDE and came out of it convinced that it was, indeed, an NDE. He wrote a book, and had a video on youtube for awhile.

    The centrifuge explanation doesn't account for the fact that some NDE survivors have seen objects that could only be seen from a ceiling-height perspective, and other phenomena unaccounted for by any other explanation. It also doesn't account for the fact that some people recover from an NDE to find their electromagnetic function "rearranged". Some have a stronger EM field than before, and some suddenly acquire clairvoyant or other psychic capabilities.

    More research needs to be done.
  • cvaluecvalue Veteran
  • DakiniDakini Veteran
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    I found this, on the iands site, in an article:

    In a statistically precise study of NDErs, Dr. Bruce Greyson found that psychic abilities are more common after a core NDE (Theta, 11:26-29, 1983)
    That article would be worth looking up. But what I mean by "more research" is that the reason for increased psychic abilities needs to be explored. NDE survivors' EM fields and their electrical charge need to be tested. Few people are set up to do that.
  • NDE is like booking your reservation and getting a peek for the next big travel opportunity.

    Researchers can't even agree on what is death...there is a spectrum...cardiac, brain, consciousness and etc. There are all kinds of interesting notions...spiritual to anoxic to neuro transmitter. Then there is the st thomas aquinas states of the soul vs the likes of bardo states vs "black ops" remote viewing. Hallucinogens and/or meditation in flotation tanks would be a provacative in the investigation. Anyway ime, flotation tanks have the potential to provide a unique meditation environment and found it was quite easy to do some deep mediation that involved regressive and pro-gressive experiences, archetypic exploration and oobe. However there is a potential for getting lost in the buddafields.
  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
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    few months back when i read about this NDE thing in a web-page, then i tried to search on internet for videos on it. saw some videos on it - i think there is a BBC documentary on this subject, which i saw if i remember correctly. in that there were some examples in which the incidents were told about NDE occurrance. there was a case of a lady (i do not remember her name now) - she had a tumor in her brain, on the hospital bed, she was brain-dead. there were tapes put on her eyes so she cannot see, there were some plugs in her ear, so that she could not hear. moreover, the EEG showed no brain activity for her - indicating she was brain dead. then during her operation, the main doctor asked his attendant to open the tool box, which had a cutter shaped like tooth-brush , which was opened only after she was brain dead. the lady after her tumor was removed and became well, told that she had a NDE and also told that she found herself floating in ceiling and she saw her body lying on the hospital bed and also saw that tool which was similar to a tooth-brush, which was later confirmed to be true by the doctor as that tool looked similar to a tooth-brush. Of course, there can be a chance that that lady has seen that instrument earlier, but she said in her OBE(out of body experience) on the hospital bed, she saw that instrument for the first time.

    moreover, a case was of a blind person, who saw beautiful colours during his NDE.

    my thinking says: since these things like NDE, OBE etc are beyond the scope of science, so science obviously cannot prove it, neither can science prove that these things really do not happen.

    i even heard in one talk of Ajahn Brahm that he referred to NDE cases in his dhamma talk and said it is similar to the meditator's experience after the meditator leaves his body and experiences nimitta - that bright light at the end of tunnel, which is experienced in NDE, is the nimitta showing up in meditation, which is nothing but a manifestation of pure radiance of still mind - i have seen this dhamma talk video few months ago, so i currently do not remember which dhamma talk it was - but i remember i have seen this dhamma talk video given by Ajahn Brahm.

    But NDEs do at least indicate that there may be something beyond this material world, something which may be beyond our 5 sense organs to perceive.
  • The mind is also known as consciousness in individuality and does comprise with two terms i.e. prevailing conscious and subtle conscious. During the circumstance of NDE, the two terms of the mind are separated from each other i.e. the prevailing conscious mind would be in a dormant condition but the subtle conscious mind remains in an active condition. In other words, the subtle conscious mind plays an active role in relating the out-of-body experience and the tunnel of light vision. The clear light is actually the black hole of emptiness that is also known as the Buddha nature arising in individuals.
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