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Well Done Indeed !

I do believe we've found a venue with which we can advance the newest ideas from our ancient knowing. Thank you all for being here. Thanks newbuddhist !


  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    Thank you for saying thank-you. :)

    If there is a thread for showing gratitude for
    newbuddhist...I'm there!

    Well done, yes!
    Gratitude for all the things I learn around
    here from all of us! Some of our situations are
    unique to the online forum world....but overall...
    this sure is some good growing ground for all
    kinds of Buddhism! Great group of people!
  • DandelionDandelion London Veteran
    Yes. I've visited a few Buddhist forum's, and they all seem good, but new Buddhist has a really great number of interesting threads to read, and learn from. It's been a really good source of learning for me, and will be for a long time i'm sure.
  • Echoing @Dandelion 's experience:

    I have wanted to say this for some time - one of the good features of New Buddhist lies in the fact that it not only has a big tent (welcoming different approaches to Buddhist practice) but it also does not segregate those different approaches into sub-forums for each. As a result, everyone ends up mingling a lot more rather than scurrying off to their own corner.

    So everyone may benefit more because of this-- interacting a lot more exposure to different schools, different perspectives. Otherwise I might stick to only Chan/Zen and I would miss out on other opportunities to learn from other traditions! I find it healthier and more beneficial having a melting pot, even if the doctrinal differences do arise. Avoiding the creation of sub-forums like this certainly helps in this respect I think.
  • I have to second the praise above. I've tried other boards and I've learned more here than on all the other boards combined.
  • CittaCitta Veteran

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