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Buddhism for vampires

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited August 2013 in General Banter
namaḥ samantabuddhānāṃ, ha ha ha, sutanu svāhā

@wrathfuldeity said:
There is the left handed path....some reference that it is particularly effective in the dark age.

and @Jeffrey said:
Can you say anything about right and left paths? Please; I am very interested.

and Lobster starts a new thread and rants:

There is no left hand path in Buddhism, strange but true.
There are wrathful and magical Bonpo ex-witchcraft practices but many of these are skilful, having been swallowed up by Buddha dharmas. The wrathful practices are sometimes termed 'left handed', 'feminine' (those naughty ladies) and often guarded to protect the dabblers and the lesser beings (aka men).

Left handed in the sense of satanic, to harm others or to be ignorant in a knowing or wilful way is not available but it is possible.
So for example in a state of delusion, I might feel that all is empty and therefore nihilism is open to me and I have transcended karma.

. . . Surprise you are in samsara and karma operates . . .

I have in the past described myself as a 'satanic Buddhist' quite mindful of the implications and effects. If you feel you wish to engage with the faster, more karmic ripening effects of the wrathful path (The closest we have to the left hand path) then you will require permission and guidance unless you are supremely confident and foolhardy. Like left handed western magic, unguided left hand dharma is the quickest way to the funny farm and self deluded ignorance.


Those who have great realization of delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings.

. . . careful now . . .
. . . anyway I am off to kill a few Buddhas and drink their blood . . .
Have fun.

namaḥ samantabuddhānāṃ, ha ha ha, sutanu svāhā
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