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Sanity required? Loads needed . . .

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited August 2013 in General Banter
How much sanity you got?

Are you happy? Are you calm? Are you at peace?
If you could engage these qualities in yourself and others you would. To not do so would be crazy, selfish . . . even ignorant . . .

This is why the dharma is unravelled for you.
Are you fighting it? Are you frightened by it?
Does it seem contrary, or weird? Perhaps so. Perhaps - so what.

Sometimes a reflection must distort itself to show our real natures. To just repeat cliches and platitudes is often the most available but wisdom will not give you things to nod sagely at.

You will not sleep in the presence, you will be brought two levels beyond your comfort. In time it will calm, make you happier, allow a peace to unfold from you . . .

When you find peace and calm and sanity, what will you do?

Nothing to do?
Nowhere to go?

Please - be a Mahayanist, push a little more. Be kinder a little more urgently. I for one need all the help you can provide yourself with.

So now . . .



  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited August 2013
    What will I do? What am I doing?

    Watering the seeds within me....I will plant and water the seeds in
    others. I will try to relieve the suffering of as many people as I can.

    Love ya lobster !
  • howhow Veteran
    Always interesting Lobster!

    We often judge sanity and insanity by what makes us comfortable or not.

    Because most of this is really about what defends the ego and what threatens it, I find it a tricky subject to underpin a Dharma conversation with for all for the judgementalism that inherently accompanies it.

  • Thanks guys. Welcome back @How.

    The Buddha, bless his sari, thought of everyone as 'crazed' by experience'. It is descriptive not judgemental. Only the deeply enlightened, those far into realization appear and are saner, more temperate, calmer karma is theirs . . .
    It is why I consider myself as mad as a fruitcake - but I don't care. I just pick out the cherries and leave the nuts. Sometimes the nuts are consumed . . .
    Giving ourselves permission to be a little odd, a little unskilful, a little ugly or if unwell, disabled, unhappy or in my case terminally spiritual - a fate worse than life.

    Some people, through no fault of their own, are men. It is not a judgement, it is just one of those things. Not fair? Now what?

    Many of us have an inner critic, judging us, judging others. Bad Buddha. 'Kill the Buddha'. Long live the Buddha.

    NB. no saris were worn, no Buddhas killed, no judgements made mad in the production of this post. It was empty. You have filled it? Tsk tsk - are you bad? Not at all . . . that would be crazy talk . . .
  • buddhism like snowboarding....no sanity required....just balls

    A snowboarder is a deranged fool.
    Who will sacrifice the warmth of hearth, softness of a woman and a belly of fine food.
    Who will steal the opportunity to snake his best friend’s line.
    Who will suffer ridicule of family and friend for his antics.
    Who will disappear into each single endless moment.
    Who will whoop, holler and giggle while careening toward certain death.
    Who wills a death…riding free and wild.
    Who will, upon death, reply…”who has truly lived but a fool?"
  • CittaCitta Veteran
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