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Angels carrying dead kittens

The following is something that my nan told me.
When she was a young girl, she had a couple of cats, and they had kittens. My nan has a sister also. One day, their father came home, drunk again, and my great grandma sent my nan and her sister upstairs to bed. The father in a drunken, cruel stupor gathered the kittens up, put them in a bin bag and drowned them. My great grandma was powerless to stop this from happening, and went upstairs and told my nan and her sister what their dad had done. Whilst the 3 of them were in the bedroom, my nan says she saw angels in the sky, carrying the kittens. It wasn't till years and years later that my nan plucked up the courage and spoke to her sister about that evening and said "do you remember the evening dad drowned our kittens, did you see what I saw later that evening... I didn't imagine it, did I?" Her sister knew exactly what she was talking about and said "no, you didn't imagine it, I know what you are talking about, the angels carrying the kittens in the sky". My nan says she never spoke to her sister about it till years later, because she thought if her sister hadn't seen it, she must have been imagining it. But they both saw it. They then spoke to my great grandma about it, and It then transpired that my great grandma had also seen it too, but she also thought she had imagined it. And so years later, my nan told me about this. I believe my nan, she's a very practical woman, not exactly prone to flights of fancy. When my father, her son, died, I reminded my nan about the kittens and the angels. Life, as my nan has seen with her own eyes, does not end bluntly.

I often think about this. I find it quite beautiful, and so thought I would share this with you all.


  • :) how wonderful. No idea how this happens.
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited August 2013
    60 minutes with Barbara Walters had a show about near death experiences. They interviewed many religious leaders including the Dalai Lama. But the lady your story made me think about said in her experience of near death that the woman was on a spiral staircase and her former cats and dogs lead her up towards heaven!
  • My cat will be digging at my grave at 5am to be fed after I'm gone.
  • What would the Angels want dead cats for?
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