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Unveiled Buddha on Ebay for Consideration

Okay friends, I have started and maybe finished a huge doodle of Siddhartha. I'll be donating half to Tibet House in NYC...let's see what happens, shall we. Thanks Sangha sweeties ! Robert



  • oh, what the hay...I'll comment...well Sir, it seems like you really enjoyed yourself, and have an appreciation for the subject. You seemingly spent quite a few hours on this...it's quite large at 53 inches. Looks like maybe you love Buddha's messages...doesn't the bell symbolize wisdom? I like how it's a mix of humanistic and stylistic, didn't you say that you did this all from the imagination...cool. Nice of you to offer Tibet House a piece...good luck and I hope folks use clear vision while viewing. Cheers
  • DavidDavid some guy Veteran
    If I got paid before the closing date I'd at least be able to offer 30 bucks but I hope you don't have to let it go for less than a few hundred. I think it's awesome and still would like to get it put on a shirt but what do I know?

    The bid at the moment just doesn't do it justice.
  • ...you mean the bid of zero...hee hee lol...Oh to be a broke Buddhist !
  • DavidDavid some guy Veteran
    I saw 2.95 which is worse because you may actually have to let it go.

    There's this breakfast shop down the road from me that frames and sells local art. It's too bad you don't have something like that near by.
  • I'd LOVE this picture, but my next payday is the 15th and since I had to pay $500 to get my car fixed, I need to wait until next payday! If you are able to change the closing date, I'd sure throw more money on that!
  • a very interesting result...what made those who viewed this opt not to spend the $2.99 dollar starting price? There were several dozen hours spent drawing, firstly. those who've seen it find it appealing, even approaching ga-ga. So what if there is a slight resemblance to Bugs Bunny...I even suggested that we share the proceeds with Tibet House. Have the masses descended (continually) into chaotic fits where the simple act of pause, look, see, and reflect is most difficult?
    I would even be willing to draw Elmer Fudd handing Buddha a lollipop...anyway, should someone be willing to take in this big beauty of a drawing, just pay the shipping and it's released for appreciation, or to line the kitty box...giggle ! Contact me through the more confidential channels so that we may discuss shipping and addresses and hat sizes..huh?
  • back to the old drawing board...LOL
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