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Another ch’an master with a unique and powerful approach to teaching. These few phrases are powerful; they make sure to bring focus to fundamental insight, and are particularly helpful to students who are lost in a forest of doctrine. This style is often poorly imitated by fraudsters.. but look closely to see the difference!

Fo-yen Ch'ing-yuan
b. 1067 , d. 1120

“ I tell people to get to know themselves. Some people take this to mean what beginners observe, and consider it easy to understand. Reflect more carefully, in a more leisurely manner - what do you call your self?”


“What is this principle: “from birth to old age, it’s just you.” ? Tell me, who is this? As soon as you arouse the intention of seeing who you are, you don’t see yourself. It’s hard to see yourself - very difficult.
People today say, “I am myself - who else?” What kind of grasp is this on the matter? If you understand this way, how do you understand the matter of “from birth to old age”? How can you see it’s just you?

“Search back into your own vision. Think back to the mind that thinks. Who is it?


“When you sit meditating and enter into absorption you should have no concerns or problems in yourself. Try to think independently, all by yourself. Other people don’t know what you’re doing all the time. You reflect on yourself and see whether what you are doing accords with truth or not. Here you cannot fool yourself.“

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