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Tommy Edison

This guy has been blind from birth and his youtube channel is pretty fascinating. Sure we have all probably contemplated what it would be like to be blind, but he answers a lot of questions and has a variety of videos about being blind which I find intriguing. It also puts a few things into perspective like self view, illusion and delusion etc.


  • I'm always fascinated by blindness and how some are able to adapt and flourish. At our local college there is an almost completely blind professor who teaches digital design (not kidding!), and a blind from birth jazz pianist who has worked in the college cafeteria for 30 years! He actually uses clicking sounds with his tounge as sonar to help him navigate unfamiliar areas (and also to warn people that he's coming ). Its so amazing because he has money and definitely doesn't have to work, but he shows up year after year to work at the school. He is almost completely independent and his apartment is 30x cleaner than mine! My data is low will watch the vid later. Good topic!
  • I remember running into a couple of cross country skiers in the fog on a mountain where one of them asked me where the ski lodge was because he (a big guy) was complaining about a blister and wanted a bandaid to cover it. I gave directions and headed down.
    A few minutes later his female companion showed up at the lunch counter and then I realized that she blind when she wasn't actually facing the cashier she was talking to. I talked to her and yes she was legally blind. I asked her how she could ski and she said she had just enough vision to tell the dark trees at the sides of the trail from the white snow and her friends vision was perfect so he could warn her if needed. She then got her band aid and off she went back up the mountain to help him.

    It was then I realized that of the two skiers that I met that day, one of them was handicapped, and it definitely wasn't her.
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