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Atheist "repression"

Hello people, a while back I saw a post about people getting angered by christians, and I'm sure the same goes for all the other major religions (and minor ones) for quite a few in here. However, I'd like to point out (note: for no other sake than to get more sides of the story) that "even" atheists do the same thing. I live in Sweden right now, but have been around abit, notably in the middle-east where I experienced the same dogmatic approach to atheism/non-deitism that I think many here have found all over the place. Well, Sweden is VERY atheistic, very few people are active in religious practices and following a religion at all. The place is on the angry side of youtube hailed as a modern utopia where the 'repression' of religion can finally be cast off. Anyhow, what I find is that people are just as intolerant here as in the more conventionally religious areas I've been to (and many other places I'm sure) but towards religious people. I find it abit sad that even though they're not blindly "under the thumb" of a (sometimes) dogmatic institution that claims to always have the moral authority, they are exactly the same in their manners and style, but just believe in different things. Has anybody here felt the same? I don't mean to go anywhere with this really, just felt like sharing my thoughts with everybody here.


  • Yes I have noticed that in several places, mostly from those losing their religious certainties. I would suggest it is quite normal. A sort of punk teenager phase of rebellion and rejection . . .

    The problem for many is the damage done by crazy belief systems wether political, religious or pseudo scientific, such as voluntary trepanation . . .
  • were all human no different from one another. there is nothing that will make us different except having a different chemical produced in the mind from ones emotions.
  • It's a mandala and they are trying to expel all other belief mandalas rather than try to find a civil way to exchange energy with.
  • NirvanaNirvana aka BUBBA   `     `     ` `     ` Outa Range Fridays thru Sundays South Carolina, USA Veteran
    The op confuses me. Is this about the repression that religion creates in religious people or about how both religionists and atheists alike suppress the opposing view?

    Perhaps I'm too tired to be reading this now and I apologize if I am making this more complicated than it is.

    Can the following be put in other words?

    "The place is on the angry side of youtube hailed as a modern utopia where the 'repression' of religion can finally be cast off."
  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran
    I definitely find that in Australia. Athiests are very outspoken against religious beliefs.

    I predominantly watch the local government run TV station (very left wing) and shows on their constantly belittle religion and treat it as a joke.
  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran
    @Bunks - yes I find that the atheists here in Australia are definitely more vocal and belittle anyone who professes a belief in ANY kind of deity or new age practise.

    I even got a mouthful from an atheist in the CBD because of my jade Buddha I was wearing. It was very satisfying to point out to him that:

    A) Buddha was a man
    B) Buddhists don't think Buddha is a god
    C) Buddhists don't worship "The Buddha"
    D) Buddhism is actually non-theistic in its teachings.

    I confess to add insult to injury, I pointed him in the direction of Borders (this was a few years before they closed in the Pitt St Mall) and told him to peruse the Buddhist section, that he would find under the Philosophy section.

  • Why is it that anyones certainty in any ism really sounds like uncertainty to my ears?
  • VictoriousVictorious Grim Veteran
    Rabmudtz said:

    I live in Sweden right now...

    Most people here are tolerent. But there are eggheads everywhere.


  • being an outspoken atheist doesn't make you "repressed/angry/etc" - however if you hold a strong religious belief and have it criticized you can assign feelings of anger to the atheist that may or may not be there - if of course varies depending on the person.
  • Nirvana said:

    Can the following be put in other words?

    "The place is on the angry side of youtube hailed as a modern utopia where the 'repression' of religion can finally be cast off."

    Certain videos on youtube receive a massive amount of comments, where many express the viewpoint of 'I hate religion because what this and this person did 1500 years ago, etc.) and the sooner everybody is an atheist the better'. Does that paint a better picture?:)

    I have nothing against people being outspoken, I just think it makes such a big difference when somebody says "I think that everybody should...." instead of "Everybody has to....". The distancing of the belief/ opinion from the person's... well, person, makes a huge difference when discussing opinions and viewpoints to me, that's all, good night for now everybody!
  • Interesting point you raised Rabmudtz , what atheists don't tend to realise, is that their own atheistic beliefs and philosophy are still a belief systems in themselves even if its a non belief system, its still a belief.
    I neither believe or not believe in a deity, as it doesn't stop my suffering in any way.
    I find non Buddhist atheists in general very dismissive of any form of spirituality and so tend to cling to the material world and its trappings.
    Even though I tend to believe in the law of universal causation, and do not recognise the idea's of a god head, I still respect other folks right to believe in what they wish to believe in.
    So I think its wrong that atheists in Sweden act this way, but it also is happening in England.
  • Billyboy said:

    I still respect other folks right to believe in what they wish to believe in.

    I can ask not a single thing more from anybody, anywhere. :)
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