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Bipolar Disorder

Are sudden mood swings an indication of bipolar disorder? Also the fact that very trivial things could affect you very deeply (so much so you spend days suffering over it) - does this also mean BPD?

Just asking out of curiosity.


  • There are sudden mood swings for some people with BP disorder. The most extreme rapid swings are called "rapid cycling". Yes it makes you super emotional.

    But that alone isn't a diagnosis. You can find in the DSM what the symptoms criterian are.
  • Thanks, but I dont know what DSM is. Could you please elaborate on the super emotional part? For instance, intense/violent jealousy even when there is no cause for jealousy ... does this count? Or intense anger over extremely trivial stuff?
  • oceancaldera207oceancaldera207 Veteran
    edited September 2013
    There's a lot of factors there...like your age, are you under a lot of stress right now, how long has it been going on, drug/alch use, etc etc lots of things to look at.
    The dsm is a giant book full of disorders that psychiatric care practitioners use as a diagnostic guide
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited September 2013
    I think it can be any kind of emotionality, betaboy. Experience is just more intense. I can't remember what all I experienced. Part of it was joy. It was like a great feeling. But there are negative states too which are called disphoric mania.

    My advice is to take medicines and follow doctors orders on what you take of the medicines. Find a good doctor if possible through trial and error. Also it's very important to be moderate with substances. If you have been addictive in the past don't start any new substance to be addicted to.

    ^^^ I'm speaking as "one should do x" I am not assuming it is you with the condition.
  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator
    People can experience emotional swings and intense emotions for a lot of reasons. Even people who are bipolar, have a large range of what is normal within bipolar disorder. It's pretty much totally impossible for someone to say "yes based on what you wrote us on the internet, we think that lines up with Bipolar Disorder."
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited September 2013
    It can be a good idea to look at the internet. If concerns are raised THEN of course see a physician.

    Oh and if you go to a mental hospital during a breakdown then you know to see a doc.
  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator
    The internet can be a tool for sure, if it's used as such. But caution is warranted in attempting to determine if yourself or someone you know has some type of disorder (physical, mental or emotional) by reading online in lieu of getting proper medical attention. If one is truly concerned, they should definitely see a doctor.

    I actually know people who have self-diagnosed themselves with various things without ever seeing a doctor, to the point they determine they are depressed, or have anxiety disorder, or other things and then determine they "know" they have it but cannot afford to see the doctor. So they just go around saying "sorry for my behavior, but I have social anxiety disorder" yet they remain untreated. Because I know people like that I always recommend caution in how a person uses the internet, or even books, to make determinations about their health or someone else's.
  • I have family members who have been diagnosed with bipolar. I think that it is really important to seek advice from a Dr who can make a referral to an appropriate mental health specialist. I am a super sensitive person and I experience a lot of strong emotions,I dont have bipolar though. Its just a part of who I am. Some people are very sensitive,and in my view,it is a gift that is there to teach you and make you able to care with empathy for others. Still,if you are concerned that it is more than being emotional,seek guidance. Love to you.
  • AllbuddhaBoundAllbuddhaBound Veteran
    edited September 2013
    I would think that a person should have some very strong evidence to suggest bipolar disorder. By strong I mean very strong behaviors and a consultation with a professional. Labels like that can be useful in the context of medical treatment, but other than that, they are not useful and they can stigmatize a person.
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