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We have felt......

VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
edited September 2013 in General Banter
I heard someone say today..." You can't feel an emotion that no one else hasn't felt"

So with the intention of open vulnerability....I tell all here, you are not alone.
I am not alone. That's why we all make up the Whole. I am not my brother's
keeper...I AM my brother.
I can sit and tell you....I understand.
I feel ya.

I often feel:
unhappy, scared, fearful, ashamed, not enough, out of control, guarded, rejected, betrayed,
numb, tired, uncertain, hurt.
I also often feel joy, happiness, fullness, and gratitude.
I often feel aware, loved, helpful, faithful and connected.

It's not an attitude.
It's a practice.
Practice being open and vulnerable to whatever the moment presents.
Practice being.
I have to practice being with all these emotions.
Practice gratitude for the process of it all.
Practice intimacy with it all. Practice intimacy with Nothing.

Just sharin'.....
Gratitude for listening. _/\_



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