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This Body

This body is a burden.
Its presence heavy,
trudging to and fro.

This body is a trap,
Riddled with snares and rope,
desires bind that don't let go.

This body is an affliction,
Scorned by the world,
Suffering it must know.

This body is a person,
Borrowed and not mine,
Back to the earth it shall go.


  • I forgot to add, there are 2 funny things about this 'poem'.

    1. I was laying in bed at around 2am in pain inside my stomach, suspect ulcer or whatever and I was semi conscious. This poem started to reel itself off to me and I remembered most of it and wrote it down in the morning.

    2. Yea I know it does not follow conventional 'rules' like rhyming couplets, lines+stanzas, crossfix or whatever, it is just what I thought up at the time, so yea.
  • Very nice poem, but do you actually (philosophically) believe this about the body?
  • Yes I do, well it will eventually return to the ground, it comes included with traps and attachment, it has to endure suffering and at present it does feel like a burden. I guess it is a kind of negative way to think about it in one sense, but a realistic way in another.
  • I feel somewhat similar but in buddhism, one cannot separate body and mind.
  • betaboy said:

    I feel somewhat similar but in buddhism, one cannot separate body and mind.

    This is a complex topic to go into and in my opinion debatable. We do not fully understand what consciousness is and I am pretty sure none of us here are fully awakened to understand. On top of that the Buddha did say that we should not take anybodies word for truth, not even his and that we should discover things for ourselves. I personally am not certain about that betaboy.
  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    edited November 2013
    the human body is a gift.
    the magic of colours, sounds, taste, touch, smell, thinking is happening every moment.
    the human body has a mind, which offers a chance to us to know ourselves.

    the question is not how to become awakened, rather the question is how we make ourselves unawakened by turning away from what is always in here and now? - Adyashanti
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