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mindfulness/consentration vs PC/Internet a challenge for you?

NamadaNamada Veteran
edited November 2013 in Buddhism Today

Are you mindful when you are surfing the internet and using your computer? Writing email, watching online newspapers, visiting youtube and facebook?

How fast do you click the mouse, is it cick click, click, 1000 click pr minute whit a restless mind looking for more stimulation, more likes in facebook and so on ?

Or are you slow, mindful, aware about your actions, concentrated while choosing your next direction?

What is your experience and do you have some discipline and concentration while using internett and your computer?

Iam finding it very difficult sometimes to be fully aware, its easy to get lost, and suddenly wondering, "why iam watching this video on youtube?"


  • howhow Veteran
    The internet is only a reflection of my practice.
    When I am open, present and clear, then so is my time on the internet.
    When I am defensive, escapist and dull, then so is my time on the net.
    My discipline & concentration, or it's opposite is simply reflected in what ever I am doing.
  • Namada said:

    I am finding it very difficult sometimes to be fully aware, its easy to get lost, and suddenly wondering, "why I am watching this video on youtube?"

    . . . and you know and I know the solution . . .

    There is dharma

    . . . there is 'why am I suffering this mindless youtube/life babble?'
    . . . strangely enough it is called practice because [drumroll] we have to practice avoiding the mindless. We are so fickle . . .

    . . . anyway I am off to find a fun video of a cat or dharma talk. Gosh it's like homework. What then is the solution - find more productive activity I actually want to do I guess?

  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    edited November 2013
    i had an acccount on FB and i think since jan-13, i have not opened it. there is nothing wrong with FB, because it serves the purpose for what it is made - so since my purpose did not started matching it, so i stopped opening it on my laptop.

    as far as internet connection goes, since i am a software engineer by profession, so everyday at least 10 hours my laptop is connected to internet.

    the videos on you-tube are of a vivid category. i have watched a lot of dhamma talks by various monks like Ajahn Brahm, Sumedho, Amaro, then spiritual teachers like AdyaShanti, Zen monks teachings etc. these are of nearly 1 hour duration, so if u watch it, then your mouse-click activity on average on per day basis will reduce :) , though it will involve much internet usage.

    i personally want to say thank you to the persons, who created internet - because my spiritual journey started because i had the facility to browse on internet - you can get an idea about this thing that it is almost 2 years since i started reading about spirituality starting from Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta and then to Buddha's teachings and then to Thai Forest Monks teachings, then to Zen teachings and also teachings related to Heart Sutra, emptiness etc and till now I have not bought a single book except Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta (which i have not read initially when i bought it, rather first i read the complete commentary on it in internet and then i read the book, which is also an explanation or a commentary by a person).

    as far as mindfulness is concerned, i am not mindful almost through out the day, but sometimes in a week, when i remember to be mindful then i try to be mindful in sometimes in a week.

    as far as concentration is concerned, i have no concentration in my meditation and also no concentration in other daily activities. as far as emailing is concerned, i try not to be harsh to others and try that others should not get hurt by my words in my email - though always it does not happen.

    metta to you and all sentient beings.
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