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Campaign to save death row prisoners in Indonesia.

EarthninjaEarthninja WandererWest Australia Veteran
Hi guys,

Below is a link for a petition to Spare the lives of two of the Bali 9.

These guys are convicted drug traffickers from Australia who attempted to smuggle drugs into Indonesia.

That being said they have appeared to be doing anything to turn their lives around to spare death.

They are sentenced to death by firing squad. The new president of Indonesia has stated that they do not spare drug traffickers.

They have done so in the past, the president can give mercy and let them live.

Anybody can change their lives around. I don't think one really stupid mistake should cost these guys their lives.

Here is the link


With metta


  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran

    I'm not going to take a position on this particular case.

    But having traveled to both Malaysia and Indonesia by air, they make it TOTALLY clear that "Dada means death", and dada = drugs. And this wasn't a little stash, it was $4 million in heroin, and it was not their first drug run.

  • EarthninjaEarthninja Wanderer West Australia Veteran
    Of course they knew the penalty could mean death. But I would doubt they would do it again if they could turn back time.

    Think about the fact the guys have to have targets on their hearts while waiting to be shot. For drug smuggling. It's not that quick of a death and not painless.

    Think about the poor guys who have to shoot these guys. Can you imagine what it does to the soldiers psychologically.

    These guys have a chance to turn their lives around, they run community art groups, counselling sessions etc. why bother if your going to die?

    Can you imagine if somebody put a clip seal bag of heroine in your luggage on way to Indonesia. . . No clemency but death by firing squad.

    They will still face jail but it's better than being dragged in front of a firing squad.

    With metta
  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran

    I understand all that you say.
    And I also know what heroin does to people's lives.
    When you visit a foreign country, you ought to respect their laws.

  • HamsakaHamsaka goosewhisperer Polishing the 'just so' Veteran

    The death penalty for ANYTHING to do with drugs is an atrocity, but I'm not the queen of Earth so I don't get to decide. I'll sign the petition just for that sentiment. That they are sitting in jail is just, because that is their laws. Jail for drugs is stupid too but repeat my first sentence. Hard drugs that can addict you or f*ck with your brain chemistry and have you kill in paranoid delusion are one thing I'd like to see go bye bye. Big Pharma (I love writing that) have enough wherewithal to design some pleasant fun party drugs for young folks into that scene but noooooooooo. We'd rather do something useless like outlaw heroin. Don't get me started.

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