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Interesting fever experiences

zenguitarzenguitar Bad BuddhistNew England Veteran

Hi Sangha, The other day I had a cold and low-grade fever, and I noticed during this time feeling a significant sense of detachment from things going on around me. Almost as if "I" was a small person sitting inside the "movie theater" of my skull, watching my life unfold on an IMAX screen. I must admit that this experience was not entirely unpleasant, especially when the things going on around me were harsh, painful, or irritating. "It's just a movie," I was able to say.

Is this what is meant by detachment and equanimity in Buddhism? Is this kind of experience (detachment, not fever) something one should try to cultivate or not?

Also, in the evening my fever intensified a bit, and I found myself shaking uncontrollably--a very unpleasant sensation. I was tempted to skip my sitting meditation session and just climb into my warm bed, but I figured I would try sitting anyway. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I sat in half-lotus position, the shaking stopped and I felt warmth flood through my body. I'm glad I didn't skip the session.

Just thought you had to know this. :smile:



  • The mind and body intermingle. We do become aware of this relationship increasingly . . .

    Meditation is not about cultivating - honest, no polishing. Just presence.

  • zenguitarzenguitar Bad Buddhist New England Veteran

    I do recommend the sitting meditation though for those experiencing sickness. At least, I don't think it can hurt. :smile:

  • zenguitarzenguitar Bad Buddhist New England Veteran

    I see. "Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha." :smile:

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