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Maha Sati

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Practice Continuously Like a Chain

"To cultivate self-awareness, we must practice as much as possible."

"Someone might say, 'I am very busy. I do not have time to practice. I cannot do it, I am not pure enough.'

These are excuses.

If we intend to so something, we can find time to do it. Whatever we do, be aware.

For example:

If you are a teacher, when you pick up a pen, pick it up with awareness.

While you are writing, be aware.

This is the natural way of cultivating self-awareness, learning Dhamma with nature.

While you are having a meal: pick up the spoon, be aware;

Take the food into your mouth, be aware.

While you are chewing food, be aware; swallowing food, be aware."

"If you are serious enough and practice continuously like a chain or the hands of the clock that rotate all the time.

To practice continuously like a chain or like the rotating hands of the clock does not mean that you have to cultivate self-awareness by doing rhythmic arm movement or walking back and forth all the time. The word 'to practice all the time' means to be aware while doing all daily tasks; washing clothes, sweeping floor, cleaning house, washing dishes, writing, or buying and selling, just be aware. This awareness will accumulate little by little like the raindrops fall into a good container and fill it to the brim."

"Keep on practicing. Let Panna (Insight) itself penetrate the Objects of Insight. There is no need to learn from any teacher or scripture."

"Rhythmic Movements

There are certain techniques to do certain jobs in order to achieve the end.
In the same way, the cultivating of self awareness to achieve Sati - Samadhi - Panna (Awareness - Attention - Insight) needs technique too.

Do not sit still.

Move rhythmically all the time. Do not close your eyes."


Photo Credit: Pasukato.org

Source: A Manual of Self-Awareness

Demonstration video



  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited December 2015

    Good stuff. Good find. Will try this ... lotus line dancing ... :)

    Falun Gong, the banned Chinese cult have something similar.

    Quite near to me are several practicing Falun Gong groups which I may join just to annoy communists and because they are free until you become radicalised. After all being wikid is one of my hobbies >:)

    The practice above seems very worthwhile. <3

  • During Luangpor Teean's final hospitalization at Samitivej Hospital, he remarked that now his illness was very advanced all he himself needed to do was to maintain awareness of his breathing, watching for when it would cease. He was asked, "When you are no longer available, from whom do you recommend that we should study Dharma in order to obtain the best results?"

    Luangpor replied, "Go and study Dharma for yourself: watching your own mind is by far the best thing to do."

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