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Cyber Dharma for the connected

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited April 2016 in Meditation

As an unrepentant technophile, who believes the maitriya will be an AI, uses iPads and old laptops as cyber shrines, I will do anything to combine Buddha and HH Techno Roshi AI (not currently available)

In the past I have downloaded inspirational pics and words and run them through a looping slideshow of brainwashing for my cobweb excuse for a mind.

At the moment I am using - mindfully of course - a presentation package to create my latest cyber sadhana ... what fun ... B)

These are the sorts of things I have done previously. I literally consider skilful technology usage as the manifest Dharmakaya ...

Anyone else find this potentially useful?



  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran

    If my legs get any worse, I might well find myself going in this direction - I can see how it might work. At present, the Dharmakaya seems to manifest most clearly to me in nature, away from machines and away from people, all except the very quiet ones, and I appear to have a fear of giving anything more to machines than I absolutely have to - something I did not fully realize until you made this post. :o :) .

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited April 2016

    Ah Fosdick <3

    The problem is this, nature is not a two edged sword. Computers are.

    At the moment I can hear bird song. If not available, I can generate bird song from my computer.

    Will now listen to the real thing whilst available ... :)

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