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Mutts practice challenge

Mindfulness? Really is a continuation/part of the Middle Way ... and is being done by all the cool kids and their celebrity mutts - yuk ...
I practice mindfulness until I get distracted by nirvana or is that sam-sara and their hounds ...

Be that as it may, it is both one of the Buddhist practices that is:
good in the beginning
good in the middle
good in the end

Do you practice mindfulness or are you a dabbler?


  • RuddyDuck9RuddyDuck9 MD, USA Veteran

    i practice mindfulness whenever I remember to, lol. It's easier to just go on autopilot, so I think being mindful helps me to be really present and responsible during a task. Also helps me not to get all wound up if something isn't going well, which I need. If I'm still sort of terrible at it, I don't think that's taking away from mindfulness being a "practice." I mean, I'm sort of a dabbler at everything (adult ADD diagnosis ftw!!) but I still benefit from the little bit of mindfulness I do manage to practice.

    Do those coloring books count? :grin:

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    ^^^ Yes, especially if you get Buddhist deity/yidam outlines that represent qualities to practice with in a sadhana. For example enclosed is Chenresig/Compassion ... this is the Dharmakaya (Wisdom/rainbow body) of the Dalai Lama. Eh Ma Ho.

    Colour and simultaneously chant his mantra 'OM MANI PEME HUM HRIH'
    You will be connected to the blessing ...

    Every day mindfulness is being forced on people in London where I am, after the brexit fiasco. In my borough (region) 75% voted for remain. Now our commonwealth neighbours, Polish plumbers, NHS and other staff, foreign food sellers etc are having to be reassured. Where you are is your home. Some are being mindful through fear and uncertainty, some by love and metta ...

    Be mindful. Be Kind.
    Wot a plan!

  • RuddyDuck9RuddyDuck9 MD, USA Veteran

    @lobster how lovely!! That reminds me... not quite the same topic, but I prefer Chenresig in his female KuanYin form. Not that it matters much, I suppose, as it's all about symbolism, but does raise some interesting questions about the meaning of F or M representations of Bodhisattvas.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Awareness and enlightenment does not come as a gender. Obviously it is expressed in a person with a gender or similar form.

    As you say when Kuan Yin arose in China, she was a combination of indigenous sky walkers, female and male yidams etc ...

    The simplist practice to understand this gender free state is 'awareness of awareness'.

    What colour is awarenes? What gender? What independent form?

  • @lobster said:> What colour is awareness?

    Blue like the sky.

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