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Music to meditate by

SystemSystem Moderator
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@EricM1980 , see here. :)


  • EricM1980EricM1980 San Francisco New

    This thread is many years old already, but I find that I enjoy repetitive, simple and harmonic music. There's an album of ukulele music that's pretty much just the same thing over and again for 15 minutes, which I sometimes listen to: Ukulele Tunes for Daily Meditation, by Modern Zen Practices. I actually find vocal music to be distracting, usually, since I still have a somewhat "monkey brain"!

  • smarinosmarino florida Explorer
    edited November 2016

    Well, it's the Holidays, so this little video is always nice for meditation around the Christmas season (caution, parental guidance highly suggested)

    This one is more main stream I guess you could say

    I never play music during my sitting meditation though.

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