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Self-defence sports and Buddhism

Hi everyone,

I recently started to box (just using a bag at the moment). I find it very empowering and energising. Any thoughts on whether this is a negative thing to do in regards to Buddhism? Also, is there not some distinction between learning to defend yourself/feel confident defending yourself vs boxing to inflict the most harm/boxing as sport?

As a woman, I think it's important to know how to defend yourself, or to feel confident that you can - so if you are in a compromising situation, just the mere confidence that you can handle yourself will mean that you may not have to resort to violence.


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    You might find this thread interesting

    Edit: oops - sorry about double link. I was looking for other material but your links were more thorough and I did not see @federica post ...

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    @lobster, I put that one up already.... but no harm in reading it twice I guess!! :D

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    Thanks guys :)! Sorry, should have searched first!

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    No, don't be sorry! If you don't know - how will you know? I merely hoped to be able to give you a broader picture of the subject.... :)

  • The King of Thailands official London Residence, that I sometimes go to, sometimes has a punch bag in the gardens. It also has a temple, artificial river with paddle boat and a graveyard but that is another matter ... The punch bag when there, is used by Thai Boxers, who take monastic vows whilst training.

    You might consider adding knees, feet and bare hands to your skill set. You could also add mantra or dharani to your practice ... om mani peme HUM [Punch] Thus in effect your punch becomes simultaneously a blessing. o:)

  • SJDR21SJDR21 Puerto Rico New

    Well, I'm new to buddhism so on the actual concepts and practices I wouldent know how to amswer, so I believe this dialouge will also help me grow as one. But I do know martial arts and self defence, I hold a couple of black belts in Tae kwon do, hapkido and kum-do and It is my hard based belief that even the ones who walk the path of buddhism should atleast know how to defend themselves. Also just practicing it wont harm you or others if done correctly, examples are shadow boxing, forms, technique and even sparring (if done responsibly) should not hurt anyone at all. But I would lo e some more insight on the actual combat self defence area of the disccution. Hope This helps :awesome:

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