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Meditation Revelation

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Some progress on " How to attain nirvana".


  • upekkaupekka Veteran

    what i am going to write is nothing to do with nirvana (may be it leads to nirvana) but i would like to know your comments

    during the morning meditation i came to the following conclusion:

    perception and feeling = mind fabrication (citta sankhara)
    applied thought and discursive thought = verbal fabirication (vacci sankhara)
    inhale and exhale = bodily fabrication (kaya sankhara)

    if we are mindful about the inhale, it is a skillful action/ wholesome kamma (no hate, no greed) which purify the mind by getting rid of five hindrances for an instance (reduce the fire in the mind/ cool down the mind) in turn it reduces the heat of the body (making changes to all four elements) and that is why we can experience the rapture

    by exhale we send out the dead cells/ unwholesome kamma vipaka (sending out the built up hate and greed)

    so there is a very good reason for us to do 'anapana sati meditation'

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