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Below Zero, Above Clouds ...

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited April 2018 in Meditation

What is this world of zero in which he says most of us exist? It is the ice of our illusions and our desires, the frozen expanse of our misunderstandings, in which we are trapped. The open water of the world into which we were born has gradually frozen into rigid delusions about how things actually are. Little by little, our opinions, our ideas, our viewpoint have congealed until we are trapped within them.

Tsk, tsk can it be true? What then is the fresh flowing water? The letting go of steam and ultimately returning to plasma ... perhaps ...

Is it ironic, that frozen zen sitting leads to melting and melting frees our ability to freeze?

Hope there is something of value in the link ...



  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    It is vitally important that while reading the linked article, members completely lay aside their learnt concepts of Global Warming.
    And I am deadly serious, because to begin with, it kept flashing into my mind, and diverted me from the lesson within the article.

    Truly, forget about it, ok?

    It's an old lesson in new format. But worth the repetition. Dressed in different clothes, for some, it will be as good as new....

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    It’s an interesting article, thanks for posting @lobster. Although I suspect the science in the metaphor can be taken too far, it is unlikely that plasma has much equivalence with thought, and phase transitions or specific heat are difficult to translate as well.

  • Thanks 🙏🏽

    I feel we often get caught in the metaphor.

    No matter how many ways it is said, we are tuning in and training in awareness and attentiveness.

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