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Funny Buddhist joke

Quiet_witnessQuiet_witness Veteran
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    That is hilarious!
  • BrigidBrigid Veteran
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    So good!! I'm still laughing...
  • dhammachickdhammachick crazy Aussie BUJU Sydney, Australia Veteran
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    <3 it! Just what I needed after the start to the day I've had.

    Thanks :)
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    Made me laugh. Thanks.

    Here is another one even though I like yours better.
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    Thought I'd contribute to the merriment:

    Q: How do you describe a schizophrenic Zen Buddhist?
    A: A man who is at two with the universe

    Q: Why are there so few Buddhist rhythm and blues bands?
    A: Because Buddhists don't have any soul.

    Q: What does a Buddhist wish someone on their birthday?
    A: May you have many happy returns.

    Q: What did one Zen practitioner give to another for their birthday?
    A: Nothing.
    Q: What did they respond in return?
    A: You are thoughtless for giving me this meaningless gift.
    To which the giver replied, "Thank you."


    And perhaps rather appropriately:

    Q: What happens when a Buddhist becomes totally absorbed with the computer he is working with?
    A: He enters Nerdvana.

    Q: Why couldn't the buddhist open his email?
    A: Because he didn't want any attachments.
  • Quiet_witnessQuiet_witness Veteran
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    I especially liked the last one sachiko
  • MountainsMountains Veteran
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    Here's another "Speed Bump" with a Zen theme. As an aside, I graduated high school with Dave Coverly, author of "Speed Bump" My brush with greatness. Don't know if he's a Buddhist or not, but I suspect so.


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    Hi All

    Love the jokes & the toons.

    This one is not exactly Buddhist but I enjoy them -


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    I was actually thinking of making a thread to post a funny zen joke i heard, but this place seems much more appropriate!

    How many zen monks does it take to change a light bulb?


    one to change it, one to not-change it, and one to both change- and not-change it
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    These are all awesome! especially the first :D

    Let's keep this thread going
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    LOL this thread is hilarious!!!
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