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Free Book: The Teaching of Buddha

johnathanjohnathan Veteran
edited June 2010 in Buddhism Basics
I found this site:


And I emailed them yesterday (bdk@mitutoyo.ca) to request a copy and they emailed me back today:
Hello Johnathan,
Thank you for inquiry for our book "The Teaching of Buddha".

Since we want more people to understand what Buddha teaches us, we do
not charge any in Canada.

We will mail out within 5 working days.

Best regards,

BDK Canada
Was wondering if anyone has read the book and can say if its any good or not...


  • NiosNios Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Yes and yes! :) They also have them in many different languages, including Filipino, so finally my wife can read something of Buddhism in here own language :)

    My teacher distributes them in the UK. The BDK is also in the process of translating the Chinese Tripitaka. For those that don't know, the Chinese Tripitaka is also used by Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhists (and many other countries).

    Some free PDF downloads can be found here; http://www.numatacenter.com/default.aspx?MPID=81

  • edited June 2010
    I asked about this book the other day in another thread, theres no UK email address though :(
  • NiosNios Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Give them a call or write to them;
    Society for the Advancement of Buddhist Understanding
    Mitutoyo (UK), Ltd.
    Joule Road, West Point Business Park
    Andover, Hampshire SP10 3UX
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 01264-353123

    PS: this is not my teacher. This is the main distributer.
  • edited June 2010
    Good thinking batman :eek: :D:D
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