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Do Taosits believe in Heaven or hell?

I know they believe that theres a force simmilar to "God" called the Tao but I dont really know what elese they believe in.


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    You might want to ask that in a Taoist forum but briefly, yes they do.
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    Taoism in its core believes in an eternal lifeforce that is like a beginningless God, only that it's impersonal and its a "lifeforce".

    Somehow or other down Lao-Tzu's teachings people started to place the worship of gods into Taoism... I don't know how though, and they also deitified the Buddha... That was about how I was brought up in name Buddhist but in fact Taoist but changed Buddhist... In short, Taoism sort of changed alot from its original teachings...
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    Tao is heaven and hell, good and evil, god and not-god...
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    [quote=global buddhist]Tao is heaven and hell, good and evil, god and not-god...[/quote]

    [SIZE=2]..............and none of the above.[/SIZE]
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    Sure. But if only the unspoken Tao is Tao, then there is no Tao, because we do now speak about Tao. The unspeakable Tao cannot be an object of predication. I think Lao-Tzu should have opened his TTC in this way

    Tao is not Tao...
  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Somewhere in the UK, Central-Southern.... Moderator
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    [SIZE="2"]The Tao that is Tao cannot be spoken of....The Tao that is spoken of is not the Tao....

    Put that in your Te Ching and smoke it.....!! :D ;)[/SIZE]
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    [QUOTE=ajani_mgo]In short, Taoism sort of changed alot from its original teachings...[/QUOTE]

    Yep.. I agree with ajani here... Taoism here has combined its influence with Mahayana Buddhism... In fact, many Taoist called themselves as "Buddhist"...
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