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Death Meditation May Cause Death? Giving Up?

shanyinshanyin Novice YoginSault Ontario Veteran
edited February 2011 in Philosophy

I just started doing a little death meditation. Now this guy says it's admitting defeat and causes you to not be immortal.

"You should not contemplate or meditate on death, unless you want to die"




  • Isn't this guy the hindu who says emptiness is getting in the way of the divine consciousness? And that the test is when you can perform siddhis and master the 5 elements?
  • Yeah that's the same guy with those funky ideas, doesn't seem to be a Buddhist from what he says.
  • shanyinshanyin Novice Yogin Sault Ontario Veteran
    I don't think he is a Buddhist.

    And thanks, I watched a few of his videos a long time ago and I thought some of it was whacky.
  • Living causes death.
  • Well we all die so its difficult to refute his ideas. Then again, many thousands of people have practised death meditation, some of whom are quite old, and haven't died because of it. I'm thinking of a number of elderly Tibetan lamas I've met.
  • Maybe you can die inside from death meditation. If so, that's exactly the reason to practice it!

  • "You should not contemplate or meditate on death, unless you want to die"
    Aren't we all going to die anyway?
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited February 2011
    Ain't that the truth. So if we accept death fully, dissolve our attachment to self, we're golden. Walking dead. :D
  • SabreSabre Veteran
    edited February 2011
    Although death meditation or contemplation may be though, that's no reason to shy away from it. You won't die because of it. (and if you do, at least you were prepared, haha ;) )

    Yes, you're going to die! A heart attack can happen every moment. Better enjoy this moment while you can. So you'd better enjoy reading my post! :D ;)

    You aren't immortal, your family isn't immortal. Rebirth isn't endless. All things that arise will one day come to an end. But your actions will propagate like ripples in a lake for all eternity. So in that sense it is impossible to die.

    "Together we will live forever" - The Fountain (movie)

    The guy in the movie can have his opinion, however I hear no reasonable argument in his talk.

    Sabre :vimp:
  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    The names Zombie.

    James Zombie.
  • TheswingisyellowTheswingisyellow Trying to be open to existence Samsara Veteran
    "You should not contemplate or meditate on death, unless you want to die"
    Really? Without death there is no living. See you at your funeral.
  • TheswingisyellowTheswingisyellow Trying to be open to existence Samsara Veteran
    On a more serious note, I see contemplation not only on your physical death, but on the death of everything-thoughts, feelings, forms, perceptions and your conciousness as indispensible. Things come, stay for a time, and fade away or change. Everything in this universe is like this, inconstant. Contemplating in this way helps me maintain a true perspective and a gives me a deep appreciation of all that is here.
    Much metta,
  • Meditating on death is a great way to lead one to live the best life possible. It's an effective and precious practice. Helps you figure out your priorities.
  • Meditating on death reminds me of how precious life is.
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