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Indians have no mercy for animals other than cow

rohitrohit Maharrashtra Veteran
edited April 2015 in Meditation

In India beef of cow is going to banned. This is already banned in Maharashtra and some other state. Moreover they have banned bull meat too. But they are not showing mercy towards goats, fish, sea creatures , Buffalo , Chickens.
They never even have any strict supervision to protect the treatment these animals got from people working in this business. Generally i have seen these animals face lot punishment. But only mercy to cow and bulls and Indian govt. is not helping other animals.


  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran

    I'm curious as to why you are singling out India?

  • HamsakaHamsaka goosewhisperer Polishing the 'just so' Veteran

    Yeah, at least India thinks is repugnant to eat cow meat. They are far ahead of most of the rest of us. But it is very disturbing and so sad, wherever it is happening.

  • howhow Veteran
    edited April 2015

    I have a friend who travels back to India once a year to visit family and who has said one of the most difficult cultural shocks for her to surmount is their casual mistreatment of any animals except cattle.

  • robotrobot Veteran

    I've never been to India, but I've seen photos of some cows that look to me like they might wish they were dead. I wonder if they ever go missing at night or if the entire population is bought into revering them.

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    Hm. I'm not sure I'd say they are far ahead of most of the rest of us because they don't eat cow. The whole point (as I understand) is because a cow is considered a gentle animal, it would be harmful to kill it. So it is a practice of nonharm based on Hinduism. But if they don't expand that to other beings, is it really that they are so far ahead of us? Or is it just another way for people to follow religious rules mindlessly without really considering what they mean? Just like all the folks who claim to follow Jesus but completely miss the "love your neighbor" meaning. I'm not saying it's bad they don't eat cow. But it's not as it they are spritually advanced for doing it, I don't think. When the cows are starving and hurting and sick and they are laying in the street and people just walk around them and don't try to help, is simply not killing them really the best route? Sometimes as we've discussed many times the kindest thing is to release them from their suffering. Or at least to try to help. It doesn't seem like they usually do either.

  • DakiniDakini Veteran

    OP, they're Hindus, not Buddhists.

  • Speciesism, politics, opportunism... To drive a hard bargain. You > your family > your party and/or religion >your country > your species.

  • A lot of cultures don't have the same attitude about animal suffering that we do. Wish it was different.

  • Cows are nice and should not be eaten. I would like to have one as pet. Mu!

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