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I know politics isnt a good topic to get into and I completely respect peoples diverse opinions but I have to say Trump really worries me.


  • HozanHozan Veteran

    Climate change denial, racism, misogyny, total lack of mindfulness. Im not in the USA and I dont have a vote but I hope impeachment happens or at the worst a 4 year term.

  • HozanHozan Veteran

    What messages are our younger generation learning in a world of "alternative facts" ( what we used to call lies) and " post truth"

  • DakiniDakini Veteran

    The Dem Party needs to get much better organized, motivate its base to elect Dems to local office and Congress, and they need to do a better job of picking Prezidential candidates. They need to do better than Clinton or The Bern. Their candidates also need to do a better job of communicating their platform to voters, instead of putting so much energy into fending off the competition.

  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran

    @Hozan says

    Trump really worries me.

    Yeah, he's giving me ulcers and has turned me into a bloody activist, signing petitions and writing letters half the morning. Everything he does is bad, but I am most concerned about his disdain for and disregard of the environment. At this rate we will soon be enjoying all the environmental safeguards of the 19th century, but with a human population seven times larger than we had then.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Trump worries you? Or you worry yourself? :p

    She is a politician. A noisy non-importance. Focus on activism by all means. Good plan but despite Rump not because of ...

    Iz my quiet plan ... o:)

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Veteran

    I guess I worry more about the hoards of followers he has that feel brave in the face of his election. And what we are going to do about them. And, what the next election will be. If the "other side" doesn't get their poop in a group, he's going to win again. Liberals are very split, and fighting with each other as much as they are fighting against Trump. There are not enough of us to split down the middle and still beat him. He's already campaigning. We don't even have a clue who might be our savior. I wish I had skills another country might find useful, LOL.

    There are many, many small groups in every city in American working against him. Making millions of calls, sending emails, writing letters. But organization is needed. I don't think it's there yet.

  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran

    @lobster poses the question

    Trump worries you? Or you worry yourself? :p

    Ah, excellent question. If we worry, we worry ourselves of course. My poor wife worries enough for both of us, so mostly I don't bother, truth to tell. Just another blissfully uneventful day in the salt mines of samsara. I take it you have managed to overcome your own fulminating stage?

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    @Fosdick I am not a very political person. It is not something I am involved in too directly. I was shocked by Brexit and Trump.

    I like Americans.
    A lot.
    I trust them. I trust their diversity.

    'We the people.'
    Good plan. Everything will be fine. It will be fine because of Americans and the world getting on with their real lives ...
    So in essence I feel every day Trump achieves less and less. Not worried by him but I am worried for him. Here is the likely outcome ... o:)

  • HozanHozan Veteran

    Trump health care plan crashes and burns

  • dhammachickdhammachick crazy Aussie BUJU Sydney, Australia Veteran

    So what happens to healthcare now in America? If you don't have Obamacare, what DO you have? Can anyone afford to get better when they get sick? :anguished:

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Veteran
    edited 12:29AM

    It's unfortunate how much it varies by states. Our state has really good programs for low to lower-middle class people, from free to sliding scale. They are administered now through the ACA application process, but at least there are options for people who don't make enough to afford what the marketplace has. Other states apparently don't have very good options for people who fall just outside the medicaid requirements but can't afford much else. @dhammachick most people still get their insurance through employers, Obamacare/ACA is mostly for those who don't have that option, so they are like people who own small businesses or work for places not large enough to offer insurance. People still have what they did before, if Trump's plan passed 24 million would have lost what they have already. We can build on what we have, tearing it down wouldn't have been a good option.

    ACA needs some work. But that said, a lot of the problems with it are due to greedy insurance companies and not due to ACA itself. Republicans thought it would be so simple to just do what they want without caring who they threw off insurance as long as those on it got a better deal. I'm glad that didn't happen. And glad they learned it's much harder than it looks to really come up with a plan. I think for us to see a truly good plan that'll serve most Americans, our health care system needs to be reworked. Not just the way we pay for it. How they bill and the complete lack of regulation of costs and prescriptions needs to change. A lot of the chasm between the insurance companies taking part in the ACA and providers is cost. They want to pay less but the providers need more to keep the door open, especially when insurance companies pay a fraction of the listed cost. It's really a ridiculous system and the whole thing needs to be fixed.

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