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Has anyone heard of the first stage of meditation in which you have a vision of a lotus flower. I think the stages go like to see, to hear, to think, and then to travel. I think it is in the pali canon, but I am not too sure. Also what I am talking about is not commonly known,


  • yagryagr Veteran

    I will let someone far more knowledgeable than I answer the question - but I did want to welcome you to the forum. <3

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited August 2017

    @jsimon329 said:
    Also what I am talking about is not commonly known,

    Good. For good reason.

    Hello and welcome to the ordinary lotus ...

    The first stage of meditation is commonly known. Like all major Buddhist teachings they are open hand. Freely available, not esoteric, hidden or obscure.

    You might be interested in kangeroo meditation, if you do not find what you are after ... o:)

    Here is a pic to be going on with ...

  • As far as I am aware the first stage of meditation is just trying to sit comfortably! for a few minutes...

  • Then you might want to try and visualise a lotus, or a frog, or a banana or something that might make you concentrate your mind a little!

    Little steps will equate to big steps - eventually...

  • Banana meditation ... or not ... ;)

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