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Meditation and lack of sleepzZz....

elcra1goelcra1go Edinburgh, Scotland Explorer

Hello all, hope all is well x
I have been meditating everyday for about 14 months now, recently, say the past two months I have struggled to get a good nights sleep. Prior to this I found I was sleeping very well, since starting to meditate...
I find that I am aware of my thoughts throughout the night- I remember Yonger Mingyur Rinpoche, saying don't worry If you notice you are thinking more, you are not, you are just aware that you are thinking... I am not tired in the morning and feel refreshed- but it feels like have been awake ALL night.
I just would like to know if anyone has experienced similar?



  • personperson Don't believe everything you think the void Veteran

    I remember hearing somewhere that the research on meditation and sleep shows that it helps people fall asleep. But there are two types of insomnia, falling asleep and staying asleep. The research on meditation in regards to staying asleep isn't very good but it points to meditation not helping that type of insomnia.

    I fall asleep pretty quickly just about every night, however I almost always wake up at some point during the night and the mind just keeps thinking. A few times a year I'll sleep the night through and it's an amazing feeling to wake up and it's starting to get light out. Anyway, what I've done that has helped is take half a sleeping pill, it doesn't keep me asleep but it helps me get back into sleep mode without leaving me feeling groggy the next morning. I get to bed sooner so I have more time in bed to get the sleep I need. You can try other things like a more comfortable mattress or a weighted blanket.

    Also, my meditation practice is very helpful in terms of letting thoughts go and just being alright with being with my thoughts. My mind is thinking but I'm not adding much of the second arrow of frustration over thinking.

  • elcra1goelcra1go Edinburgh, Scotland Explorer

    @person I don't really 'get involved' with my thoughts, or become frustrated... I am just very aware of each thought as it comes and goes... but it has stopped me from falling asleep (for long periods of time)- It isn't like 'monkey-mind' and my mind isn't racing- just thoughts come into my mind and I watch them go- it may have nothing to do with my practice- although if I have performed a body-scan meditation, then it stops me from getting to sleep more than if Vipassana or Metta Loving Kindness....
    And it has been the past 2 months, before this my meditating helped loads with getting a sound deep sleep.


  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited June 2018

    I just would like to know if anyone has experienced similar?

    It is part of the Buddhist Dervish tradition to sleep little. However we are ascetics. o:)

    You could try counting sheep mantra (MA HA BA BA) ... dream yoga

    Yoga nidra helps. Reading sutras always puts me to sleep. Herbal teas such as chamomile might help ...

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    I find mantra meditation prior to bed helps me stay asleep. I have the same issue as @person

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    It is said that it is a natural stage when you have been meditating a lot that you start becoming aware of your sleep. A lot of yogi’s say they sleep very little, but usually just rest and meditate during the night.

  • elcra1goelcra1go Edinburgh, Scotland Explorer

    Thanks all.
    I had a good hour long practice last night, and had a really good sleep later on. I think the longer sessions help as get into a flow of more concentrated practice and this clears my mind.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited June 2018

    Wake Up!


    It was worth a try ... :3

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