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  • Razor

    I don't like it here. Please delete my profile.

    March 19
  • Hozan

    hi there,
    i am new here and thank you for the add. Much appreciated. I have struggled for years to maintain a regular daily meditation practice. Just wondering if you could recommend any books which are about cultivating a daily meditation practice from scratch and working to maintain it and incorporate it into daily living.
    Thank you so much.

    March 15
  • 33_3

    I appreciate your advice/reply and for closing my post. At least I posted in the member section.
    I have had therapy for over 30 years. People do not like me as you have inadvertently reaffirmed. I was diagnosed from my last therapist as having ACEs. (Adverse Childhood Experience) I scored five. My (who has written papers on ACE's) could not help me find a treatment / group.
    I was admitted to an invite only ACE's site where I received insights into ACE's. Currently the only help out there is for children thanks to professionals and lay people aware of ACE's. Nothing for adults. As an elementary educator for 35 years- I understood.
    The founder of the site gave me the best advice on how to deal with ACE's, " Sometimes just knowing the reasons for why life turns out the way it does brings peace - **Jane Stevens **ACEsConnection.com.

    So this is where I usually good-bye in all my relations (social or in life.) George

    January 28