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  • Pop Buddhism? The forum has it? Have we exploded/expanded too much here at NB? Have we diluted the market? Should we downsize?
  • '...See them, floundering in their sense of mine, like fish in the puddles of a dried-up stream —' Like my Nana used to say ... "About as calm as a fish out of water" The part that sticks out for me on this one is the referring to " is f…
  • Currently, my legal docs state cremation. I'm considering doing the whole science give away. If this compost thing takes off and it's available in the future....I'm in.
    in How to die Comment by Vastmind July 20
  • Yes. It's a different one. See the general comments thread. Im posting it for inclusion reasons....and for general study of the Sutta, itself. You're more than welcome to discuss how certain words change the context and meaning for you.
  • ^^^ Feel better, Mum! 🌷
  • Sn 4.2 PTS: Sn 772-779 Guhatthaka Sutta: The Cave of the Body Staying attached to the cave, covered heavily over,[1] a person sunk in confusion is far from seclusion — for sensual pleasures sensual desires[2] in the world are no…
  • Going forward...its definitely about setting boundaries. I just need the right mentality to be able to do it. Like @karasti described above...the "understanding" can lead to cycles that go round and round. The understanding somehow my mind links …
  • I liked that article on thoughts...I got a couple good things from it. Thanks!
  • Don't forget...I'm posting a version/translation of each poem on the chapter thread...for those who don't have the book. ( It's not needed, for the actual study of the Sutta). Those with the book will just be privy to his commentary and translation.…
  • Note by Thanissaro Bhikkhu: Although the Atthaka poems advise against engaging in intellectual contests, they imitate the Vedic enigmas in the way they use language to challenge the reader. Individual words — sometimes whole lines and stanzas — i…
  • 'A man who is greedy....is overpowered with weakness and trampled by trouble' True. Isn't there a wide range between greed and none?
  • Sile!!! Nice to see you again! I would go with the suggestion someone else gave you ( on FreeSangha) and see about a translator looking at it..... I think that's your best bet.
  • So...my 13 yr old (Adjua) and I are going over each one.... So I will post our discussion that we bounce about. Might bring about a different POV, you know? Instead of sensual pleasure...I used the word she is more familiar with...which is cravin…
  • @vinlyn said: I watched a couple of his videos in the last day or two. What are you general impressions? What are your impressions? Did you like him?
  • ^^^ That screams drama. ....and subsequently the attention itself screams curtain call. Believing things are "sacred" makes people do funny things. I understand it's for transport purposes...but everything else from pets to valuables to dead bod…
  • Sn 4.1 PTS: Sn 766-771 Kama Sutta: Sensual Pleasure translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu If one, longing for sensual pleasure, achieves it, yes, he's enraptured at heart. The mortal gets what he wants. But if for that per…
  • This book is the16 poems with a small commentary by the author/translator before each one. We could still post a version of each Chapter poem on the thread in discussion. Others would still be able to participate in chewing the poem/teaching...jus…
  • That same day, I did get a "congratulations, your iPad has been selected ...." piece of scammage.
    in ipad scam - Comment by Vastmind June 29
  • 'I personally think that communicating with others is one of the great opportunities of our precious human life... you can partake of the wisdom of great thinkers, examine them, test their teachings against your own truth. It allows you to expand yo…
  • Ohhhhhh! Thank you so much. As the kids now say "I feel satisfied" On the Access Sutta page...on the Chapter 4 intro....it's under the Notes. Now I see it!
  • If it's 16 poems...where did the name Book of Eights come from? Can't be the reference numbers...bec they start at 7xx...even accounting for the 6 "off" mentioned by the translator. In the greater book, its the fourth chapter of the Sutta-nipāta, so…
  • I couldn't agree more! Small...but big on flavor, hahaha. I can't wait for the discussions!
  • Good morning. Nice to meet you.
  • The book has landed. 🦅
  • I'm doing good. Hangin' in there. The past few months for me has been same old stuff. Working.... being a taxi for the kids....tending to the house....and keeping steady on the Dharma work. Every day grind....and being grateful for it all. No..…
  • I ordered today. Not supposed to get here until the 23rd. Realistic deadlines can keep everyone on track and I also agree with going a couple chapters at a time. Our fearless leader (OP) will keep us going, I'm sure! 🐉 🔥 Or....was it @Dakini that…
  • I admit ....I read the review/summary from SBA before this thread...so...I might be a little too bias for a discussion....but I'm in. What is the deadline for having or actually reading the book? Are we doing by section...or we meet up when we co…
  • @Shoshin said: I guess a good all rounder Buddhist expression would be something like " May the Buddha catch your/my tongue !" (which does have a "Right Speech" feel to it...) True!
  • @DhammaDragon ...... I'm stealing that routine, hahaha. What a concise daily starter! ......I like it! 🌞☕️📜🙏🏻
  • ^^^ Ditto. I get on my kids all the time for saying "Jesus" out of anger or frustration bec I know it will offend others. My favorite in a moment of gratitude is: Look what the good Lord Buddha brought me! A common one that I use when somethi…
  • You're right.....that was a beautiful story. A journey for my heart. I feel like I just completed a meditation on life, death, and acceptance. Gratitude for the teaching I received.
  • Gotcha 👍🏻
  • @DhammaDragon .... I've had short hair all my life and it never stopped me from getting chased. I've never had a man ask for 'a piece' of hair.. I got what brings the boys to the yard...and it ain't no hair, haha. Divorce and shame by the kids must …
  • Back at cha! 🙏🏻
  • That's my food's food, lololol ...... once you see it...you'll never eat plants again. 😂
  • 👁🗣🐴🎀, 😜