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  • In the OP clip...I can appreciate the way they talk about experiencing grief and not letting it take hold. Only way out of it....is through it. I watched the Netflix special. 😂🤭😢😆 👏🏻
  • My favorite prop is a good raking set.
  • ^^ Look at that box! Beautiful! I'll post pics later...I'm at work now... AFA pics....I'm still adjusting to going from a laptop and digital camera to an ipad , hahaha.
  • Cheers!
  • Good for you...you've been posting Monday's ! I admire your determination and respect you keeping on.... With or without an "audience". Everyone was in a hurry to buy the book...but the steam slowed early on... Maybe forum book clubs have their o…
  • Here is an interesting read on connecting intention and karma.. - Gil Fronsdal (audio download too!) http://www.insightmeditationcenter.org/books-articles/articles/transcribed-talks/karma-and-intention/
  • Yeah, we've met him. He's a riot!, hahaha @lobster usually brings him to parties....
  • Don't make the names and robes too sacred... Disclaimer: Although, also V-Zen..,..I'm only speaking for the monastery I attend...so...the "rules" may vary. ....AFA I know, robes can be bought anywhere.....where them where you want. Whos gonna …
  • @lobster ... your link above is a dead end/404. Maybe this is where you were trying to go.... https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/family-dharma-right-speech-reconsidered
  • @Kannon said: Feeling grateful tonight. ....I am close to being a 1 Year member myself so I am reflective. Metta to our Sangha Yaaaaas! Gratitude is a beautiful thing. I'm 6 years..it's family now! I can't say it any bett…
  • These people are not happy they missed the eclipse. Thanks, clouds. http://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/eclipse/2017/08/21/solar-eclipse-2017-clouds-block-amazing-view-some-nashville-middle-tennessee/587173001/ The let down is real. 😫. …
  • There will be a showing here in Memphis, October 5... here is the Info for anyone in the Mid-South area. Including a meet and greet, and walking meditation after.. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walk-with-me-screening-in-memphis-tickets-36710558268…
  • @grackle said: What a deep pleasure must come from seeing Kofi's excitement. When young minds get caught up in the excitement of the universe who knows where that will carry them. The curiosity of youth can really blow you mind. For sure!…
  • Instead of the farm/park vibe.....we're going all in. That's right, the planetarium!!! Kofi is just too excited about the events planned there: · Safe, viewing telescopes · Scale model solar system walk · Eclipse acti…
  • Generosity might be strategically effective or virtuous, but that’s not important. The point is that there is no good reason to love life or each other, yet we do. —John Tarrant, “The Erotic Life of Emptiness”
  • Hi...nice to meet you! Welcome!
  • @Federica You got me! You ARE good!!! hahaha....and yes, helpful!.... I'll remember it from now on... If I love something, I should know how to spell it, hahaha.
  • There are some who dispute corrupted at heart, and those who dispute their hearts set on truth, but a sage doesn't enter a dispute that's arisen, which is why he is nowhere constrained. Now, how would one led on by desire,…
  • @federica said: This might just bring about a revival of sending someone a nice letter via snail-mail.... miracles happen!! Stamps are part of my love for stationary. I try to match the stamp to the occasion or the card/envelope.
  • One more geek out about it.... Any stamp collectors here? The eclipse stamp is awesome!! All the post offices sold out here quickly, and it became a hunt finding them. I Finally just went to USPS and ordered online. What makes the stamp itself…
  • @SpinyNorman said: A clear night sky with no light pollution? Sheer luxury! I think you mean a clear day sky with no sunlight pollution, hahaha. Same difference.
  • @karasti said: ....... We'll be watching weather permitting of course. Ain't that the truth! its still up in the air if some leftover showers and clouds from the weekend will roll over on Monday.
  • One of our favorite YouTube subscriptions!
  • God and his will/plan and the promise of a heaven/immortality is a placebo for when life gets real tough to accept. And yes...placebos can be beneficial. @SpinyNorman .... just realized you already said this in a more eloquent way.
  • God...trademarked 😂
  • Gratitude and appreciation. More happy, good stuff. I'll take a barn full of those horses!!!
  • Bumped. Let's not lose steam on this.... Are we ready for Chapter 3?
  • Hubby and I were talking about this thread today, and he reminded me of this Tricycle article... https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/occupy-buddhism/ .... Dalai Lama surprised his young audience when he volunteered that “as far as sociopolitical …
  • @karasti . your posts are always well presented. Honest, usually showing both sides, and relatable. In case I haven't told you lately....I'm glad youre here . 🙏🏻 I hadn't heard of Marie Kondo...I'll look into some of her books.
  • The cultural appropriation piece was interesting....I've thought about some of those things before. If capitalism was just about making money and making a living...ok...but I'm with @Kerome AFA what it creates and breeds. The last article was …
  • After relapsing last year (cigs)...I'm 3 months nicotine free!!! And...I've not gained weight bec of it! ...but am down 10lbs...... Eating more plants . Taking better care of myself...and feeling good for it! “Be gentle first with yourself if …
  • Right now....I'm practicing stillness. I have so much going on in my life, that formal sitting meditation feels like something else on my to do list. So...I've switched things up. I set aside 20 minutes every night...whether it may be sitting in…
  • So far, you've survived 100% of your worst days. You're doing great!
  • During this election, I've had to work on/conquer one of my biggest problems....keeping my mouth shut, hahahaha,.... and letting the cluster fu&$ go on without my input and opinions/views. And through this...the anger is slowly dropping away..li…
  • Hello there. Nice to meet you
  • @lobster ... gratitude for that guided meditation. 🙏🏻 ' Time unfolding at its normal pace'. That sunk into me. I needed a back to basics on the breath....and passing thoughts. This did it. I'll be bookmarking this one. 🏞
  • I found it too intimate...in an intrusive kind of way. I'm not going to call it weird....just uncomfortable, for me. After, I wondered if there was any science related to it... found this article: https://www.theguardian.com/science/head-quarters…
    in ASMR Comment by Vastmind July 2017
  • Pop Buddhism? The forum has it? Have we exploded/expanded too much here at NB? Have we diluted the market? Should we downsize?
  • '...See them, floundering in their sense of mine, like fish in the puddles of a dried-up stream —' Like my Nana used to say ... "About as calm as a fish out of water" The part that sticks out for me on this one is the referring to " is f…