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  • Bumped. This time, it's a Lunar one! July 27th..... Because of the distance, the duration is supposed to be almost 2 hours!. I'm ready!!!!! http://time.com/5328804/july-2018-lunar-eclipse-date/
  • You know in my house...it’s Black Stars!!! Go Ghana! 🇬🇭 But bec of the bribe stuff that’s going around....different statements on whether GFA is dissolved or not. Politics. We’ll be watching all the games...fo sho!!! No, we’re not in it. I alread…
  • AFA the OP...on an individual scale.... Life’s Good. I’ve come a long way from where and how i grew up, and I turned out a hell of a lot better than I thought I would, hahaha May I continue to practice gratitude and joy. https://jackkornfield…
  • That was good for me to watch. Sometimes, you need the bigger picture to appreciate the progress, and to stay positive about the progress to come.
  • @person .... that does sound like me ......... * hammers claim stick in the ground * 🔨
  • WTF? I don't even know what the acronyms stand for.....so I can't stake a claim. ETA : Here's breaking the code https://www.careerplanner.com/MBTI/What-Do-The-Letter-Codes-in-Myers-Briggs-Mean.cfm If you want to know my personality...get…
  • Good for you!
  • This whole week.... I’ve had Enya songs on replay. All albums and Best of. Love her!!
  • Good morning afternoon to you. Even though, I've been up. (4 am every morning, not only at 'em but with bells on!!! )... Have a good one....
  • I like platitudes! .....: In the South, we like our one liners....so... learn to live with it. (That one should be on the list, hahaha) I would never personally use them in a serious situation/conversation with someone, though. That's too insen…
    in Platitudes Comment by Vastmind May 15
  • Stay safe....
    in Yikes Comment by Vastmind May 5
  • I’ve been going old school, with Miami bass tracks. DJ Magic Mike did it best! .....you guys don’t know nothin’ ‘bout this...hahaha
  • Advice to a householder: Sigalovada Sutta: The Buddha's Advice to Sigalaka https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/dn/dn.31.0.ksw0.html For my fellow Zennies, I can't leave out the Flower Sermon....AKA- Transmission http://www.katinkah…
    in Sowing Sutras Comment by Vastmind May 3
  • Alagaddupama Sutta: The Water-Snake Simile https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.022.than.html ETA: Aunt Fede...I'm slow on the uptake.... I'm looking and looking.... and then... I see you! ..... I love it! You know I'm impresse…
    in Sowing Sutras Comment by Vastmind May 3
  • Jeesh, you can’t listen to the entire world about what you should be doing...you can only do what you can do. Little droplets of water make a mighty ocean. By paying attention to YOUR approach, thoughts and actions on this, you’re not staying n…
  • @person .... I can appreciate your honesty...and love how open you are to the discussion. Umm....I certainly don’t advocate for cutting the family off or preaching to a brick wall. ...but you also don’t have to co sign or laugh at inappropriate t…
  • ^^ Exactly. That seems to be a common misunderstanding.
  • @Tsultrim said: ..... How's that country music in Memphis doing? I wouldn’t know....I don’t listen to it, remember?
  • @Tsultrim .... yes, I’m aware of mind transmission.
  • @person .... I appreciate the nod. . Unfortunately, right now, I’m of the mindset that without the experience...it’s almost impossible for the average white person to understand it. To feel it. The world is different to and around me when I’m …
  • Yikes!! I’m not sure that’s the most valuable general advice to offer. Magic don’t pay the bills or feed the kids. Maybe you were smiling bec you were kidding @Tsultrim said: .....maybe you'll realize he' s your teacher and you'll decid…
  • I DO hold my formal teachers to a higher standard. Do they make mistakes? Of course. But they better be small ones.....or I’m out. Dueses. The main job of a leader/teacher (in any setting) is to set by example, first and foremost. If your life is mo…
  • I’m getting ‘website not secure’ in bold red letters? ETA: From what my research finds....it’s a recent google/chrome flag.
  • ^^^^ Just watched it. I could almost feel the tradewinds on my cheek. Finally got around to watching Walk with Me. Yep...it’s in his style....like a quiet walk...
  • @Tsultrim said: Vastmind, leave Memphis immediately, your life could be in danger. Don’t confuse us with Nashville, hahaha
  • I want to like it....but Country is literally the only genre of music I can’t sit through. I did look up the lyrics...very simple...to the point. Things come and go. Impermenace can be a beautiful thing.
  • I don't like or use the word hope ...as it's another word for wish....and as the old saying goes...'If wishes were horses, poor men would ride'. On the other hand....using the concept/word hope seems to keep a lot of people motivated and getting…
  • @Airui Hello...nice to meet you ......I'm always ready to raise a glass...Cheers back at ya! See you around....
  • Good thread everyone! Polite, balanced, with meaningful info and knowledge.... I'm still working through all the links...
  • Good for you! Sometimes a girl just needs a new dress The soft lettering is easy on the eyes, and conveys a message/mood, I think. Looks real nice! I'm like Aunt Fede...who knew it involves so much tedious work!?! NB
  • @satcittananda said: I've stopped sitting meditation completely, and only do meditation in action. Meditation no longer feels contrived or forced. Ditto. Well said.
  • In the OP clip...I can appreciate the way they talk about experiencing grief and not letting it take hold. Only way out of it....is through it. I watched the Netflix special. 😂🤭😢😆 👏🏻
  • My favorite prop is a good raking set.
  • ^^ Look at that box! Beautiful! I'll post pics later...I'm at work now... AFA pics....I'm still adjusting to going from a laptop and digital camera to an ipad , hahaha.
  • Cheers!
  • Good for you...you've been posting Monday's ! I admire your determination and respect you keeping on.... With or without an "audience". Everyone was in a hurry to buy the book...but the steam slowed early on... Maybe forum book clubs have their o…
  • Here is an interesting read on connecting intention and karma.. - Gil Fronsdal (audio download too!) http://www.insightmeditationcenter.org/books-articles/articles/transcribed-talks/karma-and-intention/
  • Yeah, we've met him. He's a riot!, hahaha @lobster usually brings him to parties....