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  • @Hozan said: Irish? Not sure - I know I have a chunk of Scottish, Irish, Cornish and German in my blood.
    in Sports Teams Comment by Bunks March 29
  • @federica said: @Bunks said: @federica said: It's patently obvious you do not have a single drop of British blood in you.. Is that aimed at me @federica? Mais bien sur....! …
    in Sports Teams Comment by Bunks March 29
  • @federica said: It's patently obvious you do not have a single drop of British blood in you.. Is that aimed at me @federica?
    in Sports Teams Comment by Bunks March 29
  • I am a self confessed sports nut! Teams: AFL (Aussie Rules) - Carlton English soccer - Newcastle United Aussie soccer - Melbourne City Baseball - Colorado Rockies American Football - Denver Broncos Cricket - Australia and Melbourne Stars
    in Sports Teams Comment by Bunks March 29
  • G'day @misecmisc1 - all good here in Oz. Thanks for asking.
    in Hi Comment by Bunks March 26
  • @karasti said: Though, you'll notice the people who say money doesn't matter mostly never have to worry about money. How right you are!
  • @lobster said: If you are in London, go to the Buddhist section of the British Museum. It is incredible. Any treasures near you? Nice @lobster - there is indigenous rock art not so far from me believed to be about 3,500 years old.
    in ye olde book Comment by Bunks March 20
  • You may also find this Meditation on the Buddha useful http://thubtenchodron.org/1993/02/guided-meditation/
    in Buddha's Love Comment by Bunks March 16
  • @Razor said: @Bunks said: Welcome @Razor! Thanks bunks. Nice to meet you. @lobster said: Hi @Razor. Buddha was not a Buddhist. Christ was a Jew. No idea what vajrayana is. Some s…
  • @Hozan said: Bunks I spent 12 months travelling and working in your beautiful country between 2003 and 2004. Happy memories. Nice! I dated an Irish girl from Tuam in Co Galway when living in London a life time ago. Had a
  • Hi @eggsavior In the preparatory practices before meditation in Tibetan Buddhism we're encouraged to visualise the Buddha and the Merit field in front of us and then imagine rays of light coming from the Buddha into us. The idea is that we're …
    in Buddha's Love Comment by Bunks March 16
  • It is obviously a joke @upekka.
    in Death Clock Comment by Bunks March 15
  • @johnathan said: Hi all, I'm not a noob persay, I have just been away for a few years and am back again, hopefully to stay. -Johnathan For those who don't know me; I live in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a Behavior…
  • G'day @Hozan and @johnathan - enjoy!
  • I love coffee but I do have to be careful. One or two cups in the morning is ok. Not really sure how it affects my meditation as I've always had it! I am a bit like @Tosh - pretty much given up everything but coffee is another story.....
    in Coffee ??? Comment by Bunks March 15
  • @kerance said: @Bunks said: Question: would it bother you if for no reason it just randomly said you'll die next week? I was going to ask this too I think it would bother me. Stupid hey!
    in Death Clock Comment by Bunks March 15
  • Welcome @Razor!
  • Thanks for the reminder @lobster
    in Death Clock Comment by Bunks March 15
  • Question: would it bother you if for no reason it just randomly said you'll die next week?
    in Death Clock Comment by Bunks March 14
  • Welcome @kerance - hope you find some help here! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions...
  • @Dhammika said: What you can reasonably afford and then a pinch more for a day's teaching. Is lodging included? No. 9.30am to 4.30pm same day. There is actually already a charge for the course ($40) but the dana for the teacher is over…
  • @Namada said: @Bunks Iam 31 iam not so young Its easier to go with the flow when absolute everyone is drinking in my group, anyway I only drink when we have this kind of trips with my work, and thats 1 time in year, rest of the year Iam sober.…
  • @Sophie101 said: not trying to be nosy, but do some people find it easier to meditate in daylight or darkness? Hi @Sophie101 - welcome! I am always impressed to hear young people taking an interest in meditation. I didn't discover this…
  • @Namada said: At work we have this kind of trips few times in the year, where you have to drink beer or wine. Just so you can be social accepted. So its kind of peer pressure from my colleges, then I will take one drink or two. Normaly, I…
  • Ahhhhh @Tosh - I know why don't drink anymore and hats off to you. But we drink a glass of red or a pint of ale for the same reason you have a slice (or two) of Chocolate Gateau - because it's lovely! Knowing when to stop is the trick........
  • @karasti said: the stupid thing is, they based the entirety of that diet advice on ONE flawed study. A little like the "vaccination causes autism" lie......
  • @karasti said: > Thanks @karasti - I must admit I have been feeling sh*tty today. I suspect it is for the reasons you've mentioned above......
  • Ha ha! You are an idiot @lobster
  • @karasti said: going from a high or higher carb "diet" to a low carb one, you can expect to feel off for a few days. Tired, headaches, just generally icky. It takes a few days to work that out. It takes longer for your body to adapt to using fats…
  • I started this on Saturday......so far so good. I had scrambled eggs with vegies and tuna this morning for breakfast. I ate too much but I am still trying to work out portion sizes. I found by lunch time I was craving something sweet (I normal…
  • Maybe you're starting to convert me @Tosh
  • Ha! I looked that up in LCHF with no luck?
  • From my (limited) experience, attempting to undertake a retreat at home is difficult when the TV / interweb is only a click away. I nred to be away from that in a group environment at my current level of practice. Good luck to those who can be…
  • Nice to see you back here btw @Tosh - the Toon had a good win the other night
  • Yeah, I understand @Tosh - can be a bit that way myself at times.
  • Just eat sensible portions of a variety of food groups.. Make most of your diet vegetables. It's not friggin rocket science!
  • Good point @federica. Yes, we both use laptops so that could be it.
  • I would say that pain has no place in meditation. If the position you're in is causing you ongoing pain, change position. But do it mindfully. Without anger or judgment.
  • Yeah. We looked at each other and he said "did you see that?" and we started talking about what it might be. I googled but all I really got was that it was a ghost or my angel which I'm a little dubious about for the obvious reasons...
  • Buddhism has Vassa which some Buddhists use as a time to give something up for a three month period. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vassa
  • @Kerome said: The main problem I've had with visualisations is that they seem to last a very short time... I call to mind a certain image, and it fades over the course of about 3-5 seconds. So to visualise a single image and keep it in mind for t…