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  • @Namada said: I know how most people let things go, they watch entertainment on the phone and funny things on youtube/facebook, its just to sweep it under the carpet, out of sight out of mind :P Spot on! And as good Buddhists, our challen…
    in Letting Go Comment by Bunks September 14
  • @Shoshin said: @Bunks said: It is just a bit of a crazy time here....... In the mind ? Yes Bringing awareness back in to the body and the breath helps - remembering to do it is the challenge
    in Letting Go Comment by Bunks September 14
  • Thanks everyone! I have come up with a few techniques as well that have helped to some degree. It is just a bit of a crazy time here.......
    in Letting Go Comment by Bunks September 13
  • Welcome @elcra1go & @BlueSpruce
  • How solitary will you be? I assume you'll still need to do a trip to the supermarket occasionally? What about distractions? Will you be on the internet? Television? I look forward to hearing how it goes. In the monastery I stay at occasionally…
  • I recently had a conversation with someone about the similarity between a thought and a fart. And how we seem to take one far more seriously than the other!
  • @lobster - we dwell in the Four Foundations of Awareness Better still....
  • @techie said: It's funny how nobody boldly says, I am an atheist. Pffff...you want to come and have dinner with my ex wife and father some time. Two more anti religious out spoken atheists you'll never meet!
  • No. I am a Buddhist. You ask the question almost with the presumption that everyone would be which I find a little surprising? You are on a Buddhist website after all....
  • @Kerome said: It's still a cool name to have or come across though. I thought so too...almost as Buddhist as Metta World Peace!
  • For me, NB has helped me through some personal issues (you know who you are!) and hard times over the last few years. Blessings to you all!
  • Interesting @mindatrisk - definitely a coincidence pattern there. I don't know of any mention of coincidences in Buddhism. Not that I've come across anyway.
  • Nice post @Shoshin - have had similar experiences recently in meditation. The thoughts are still popping up but not able to pull me away from the object of meditation....it's a nice experience and place to get to.
  • Simple answer. Stop watching the news. Stop watching television at all if you can. Don't mindlessly surf the junk that makes up most of the internet. Seek out the goodness in the world. And there's plenty of it. As the Buddha said, "It is…
  • Sounds like you are I are similar @Kerome - I always feel like I am going to let people down and it causes me anxiety. Not sure if it's related but, like you, I moved around a lot as a child. I am getting better though.... slowly finding mysel…
  • Congrats @karasti - that's great! By coincidence my ex-wife started her first (real) job this week after almost eight years out of the work force..... Good luck to you
  • Thanks OP! Was he the same chap who was killed by a cow not long after attaining awakening?
  • Generally charities (well the ones I donate to) don't spend more than 20% on salaries / admin costs. I have no problem with that. I just don't agree with pestering people who already give.
    in Metta Comment by Bunks August 8
  • May I send some Metta to the perky young lady who called me earlier to ask me for a donation. My response was rather rude! I need to work on my aversion to charities cold calling me.......
    in Metta Comment by Bunks August 8
  • @Bunks said: I just looked at my horoscope: Your sensitive heart may be touched by anger today, Sagittarius. Don't be afraid of hurting other people's feelings as you express this emotion. You'd be doing yourself and other people a disserv…
  • I just looked at my horoscope: Your sensitive heart may be touched by anger today, Sagittarius. Don't be afraid of hurting other people's feelings as you express this emotion. You'd be doing yourself and other people a disservice by not revealing…
  • I was just thinking along similar lines @IronRabbit - it's amazing how many times in a normal day somebody does something nice for us and we hardly notice. But if someone is rude to us or does the wrong thing, we kick up a fuss and stew on it (so…
  • @Traveller said: @Bunks, yeah I've experienced that, however I heard from a teacher that if the mind was purer their would be no joy, just a calm appreciation. That's not what I have heard. A Mahayana teacher said when someone realises…
  • If you're articulate and game enough, another thing you could possibly look into is teaching the Dhamma online or at meditation centres? There are lay people out there making a (fairly modest I'd expect) living this way.
  • G'day @MindGate - welcome back. I hope you are well?
  • When I realised emptiness I had a feeling of joy flow through me that I had never experienced before or since. It lasted about 30 seconds. If that's enlightenment, I'd like to order some more please
  • As Ajahn Brahm says "Good? Bad? Who knows....."
  • Good on you @Kerome. I have thought along similar lines a bit over the last few years. But my latest idea is that if I keep working in the (relatively) high paying IT job I have now I cann save more money so retire earlier to spend the rest of…
  • Best to give politics a wide berth I've found.
  • @silver said: I'd say use it yourself, for the Buddhist adventure - it's unavoidable anyway - you are a Buddhist or Buddhist-leaning. You might find someone to meditate for. Just a way of meeting others. In casual conversation with someone, yo…
    in Gift Voucher Comment by Bunks July 26
  • No, not conditional. However I'm sure they'll assume I'll use it. Having said that, I have decided to give it to my ex-wife's best friend who has been going through a particularly hard time lately. Her and my ex can have a girl's night and stay t…
    in Gift Voucher Comment by Bunks July 26
  • Correct @vinlyn
    in Gift Voucher Comment by Bunks July 26
  • Funny you should mention that - I was just reading about the four foundations of awareness this morning. You might like this: http://naturalawareness.net/foundations.pdf
    in Awareness Comment by Bunks July 21
  • Thanks for your input guys! @karasti is right - the very fact it keeps coming up is probably a good sign I am not really comfortable with some of my life style choices at the moment. I'll keep looking into it.
  • @federica said: @Bunks said: ....But I am unwilling to stop at this stage. That, right there. That's the Key Comment. THAT'S the one which carries every aspect of both the precept and The EightFold Path. I …
  • No offence at all @karasti - I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. I am not entirely convinced it's right myself. But I am unwilling to stop at this stage. Who knows, I may change soon. I have certainly changed quite a few behaviour…
  • Hi @karasti - I should add further that I have taken the five precepts and I intend keeping them as best I can. I have given up alcohol completely for some time now and am trying to keep the others. I suppose, as you say, it's up to me to deci…
  • I know I am harping on a bit about it but I do struggle with the idea that as a single person I should stop having sex. I am happy to openly admit I sleep with sex workers (it is legal in Australia) fairly regularly. And there are times when I fe…
  • Thank you @Shoshin - well said.
  • @Shoshin said: Should the Middle Way also apply when it comes to sexual misconduct...? Avoid the two extremes... Find a happy medium I actually don't really understand what you mean. If I went to a monk and said "Hey, I…
  • Yep. I have read and heard the same numerous times. Lust is lust isn't it? The Buddha certainly didn't mention it in the Pali Canon.
  • Just to add to the confusion: What about a single person sleeping with a prostitute? The vibe I got from some interpretations of the third precept is that if you're single you should be celibate. Not sure how I feel about that......
  • @vinlyn said: @upekka said: ... in my case i had been deluded 54 years (more than five decades) I know the feeling. Three weeks ago I learned that in some ways I have been coasting through life. …
    in 4NT Revisited. Comment by Bunks July 18
  • Apologies for hijacking your thread @Kerome. I'll shut up now. Too little sleep and too much caffeine make Luke a chatty boy ;-)