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  • @ajhayes said: ...And for goodness sake, take a honeymoon and enjoy it! We delayed that a bit until the dead of winter, but we are headed somewhere warm.
  • @federica said: ...Still waiting for the awesome photos, @Linc.... Me too. I expect we'll be a ways into 2018 before the photographer finishes editing them all. There are a few kicking around Facebook, but I don't really wanna collect a …
  • @DhammaDragon said: Was that a sincere metta-ful wish, @techie, or are you yet once again trying to illustrate for us the example of mindless tack-on? He literally tacked it on via edit AND added a wink emoji. Do we need a special chec…
  • @David said: You obviously don't dream that much, let alone remembering dreams or having lucid dreams. That kind of comment from someone that dreams would be considered averse. From someone that doesn't dream it sounds condescending and unhelpful…
  • My approach to dreams has always been that they are unimportant junk. Finding meaning in them feels like wringing sweat from a shirt and wondering what you can use it for. It already did its work, let it go.
  • @Shoshin said: Perhaps for the members concerned its a case of ..... "Fake it till you make it!" A funny sentiment, but let's take care to not wag fingers. It's very easy to turn a discussion about our culture into a discussion about indi…
  • @Snakeskin said: I think you misspoke: “Be kind, don’t [just] wish for it.” I felt that was implicit, but yes, that's a clearer rendering of what I meant. Speaking of the difficulty of communicating.
  • @DhammaDragon said: As usual, I am responsible for what I say, not for what my interlocutor understands. Of course. But we can strive to repair even that for which we are not personally responsible. And most especially we can use our empa…
  • I hope, @federica, you may be taking @techie too literally. I didn't read that as a contradiction of what I was saying but rather furthering the point - that it's become a mindless tack-on we should avoid. That's how I chose to read it, anyway.
  • This is not a ban on saying "metta" to each other. I'm just requesting greater discretion for its use thru a little personal introspection, not granting license to call each other out on it.
  • @federica said: @Linc, I am tempted to quote the oft-used phrase, "Pictures, or it didn't happen....!" Do we in fact have the happy instance of some photos of the happy day, at ll, you'd be willing to share...? Sure, I'll post som…
  • Destruction of the ego presupposes discovery of the ego. If they haven't found it yet, who are you to say it isn't because it was pre-destroyed for them?
  • Usually the things we find comforting & comfortable aren't very good teachers.
  • @David said: I can't tell if your statements are honest ones or if you're just here to troll. In the future, I ask you to keep such pontification to yourself or share them with myself or a moderator instead. It's a short walk from "wonder…
    in Sankhara Comment by Linc October 12
  • @karasti said: Any word on the search function yet @Linc ? I just tried and get the same thing, no result no matter what I search. Back now! While in the midst of our big annual Icrontic event, the server misbehaved so I rebooted it. S…
  • I did indeed end up banning that user anyway due to another report. Now I wish I'd more closely inspected the post first, but I'm not sure how or why it could effect an iPad that way.
    in ipad scam - Comment by Linc June 30
  • @federica said: I'm just following your suggestion....? Cross-posts! I figured it out!
  • Oh I see, I was a bit too brief with my words. I said "I suggest a new discussion in the NewBuddhist.com category for site-related questions" but what I meant was more like "I suggest creating a new discussion in the NewBuddhist.com category wheneve…
  • Is there a thread supply shortage? There's a whole category so we don't need to ration them I hope.
  • The "Online" section has a 15-minute cache. So, yes, probably a spammer that got nuked immediately and their ghost lingered a while. Our software (Vanilla) anonymizes the name of accounts that are deleted, hence '[Deleted User]'. As an aside, I s…
  • Godspeed in this brave new world.
  • For the record tho, I think "Doing X mindfully" is perhaps meditative, but it is not meditation. This applies doubly to something that prevents me from subsequently meditating.
  • I recently downsized to the iPhone SE because I eventually did not enjoy owning the larger iPhone 6 (just the regular; the plus is crazy to me). I don't have any social media or gaming apps anymore (I can only even think of 2 games I've ever had on …
  • @federica said: Not that I can actually contribute Well there's a difference between asking if you think it's valuable and whether you can make it appear. It'd be silly to put them in the reverse order...
  • I got curious and we're about 90 days into the year so why not. I queried the database. 355 users have checked in so far in 2017. See? I still guessed way too low.
  • I've found the human brain is very bad at estimating "recently active" in general, by the way. My guesses are based on actually looking at data repeatedly over the years and experiences of likewise always guessing way too low. My opinion is that any…
  • Let's not just mention everyone for the hell of it. @federica A guesstimate of '20' is, I believe, very low. I'd be shocked if it was under 60, and I'd bet it's easily over 100 if you just count folks stopping by and logging in, not necessarily p…
  • "Image URL" is only for if the image is already online somewhere. Otherwise you should be able to drag-and-drop.
  • We have a bit over 16,000 members. I don't have a stat on how many of those are currently active handy.