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  • That's quite enough, thank you. We are GDPR-compliant. The GDPR protects personally-identifiable information by making it retrievable by the individual and allowing it be deleted. The only personally identifiable information we collect is email a…
  • Things are a little rough. I hit a series of weekends where I was busy, which broke my momentum. Trying to get back to it.
  • Moved back one more week. I swear I'm getting closer.
  • Sorry about that, folks. I had an extremely frustrating weekend last week that resulted in a stalemate. Basically I spent 2 days wrestling with server configurations, which while ultimately successful, ate all my allotted time for the actual migrati…
  • @ColinA said: Is the site shutting down today? No. First, I've had to delay a day. Second, it should take less than an hour when it does go down.
  • I believe we do take the discussion score into account already, which adds up reactions for a number. That informs the order of search results, along with other factors. We don't currently display information about that, however.
  • @Kerome said: But perhaps it might be possible to use the number of insightful’s, awesome’s and lol’s on a thread to construct some kind of metric to identify the more interesting threads? That is a good idea. It's a bit beyond the sco…
  • Sometime in the next few weeks, I expect we'll have some brief downtime as I do the final migration of the sites. I'm tentatively slating this step for next Sunday, Jan 20.
  • @genkaku said: I do hope that whatever improvements you make, they will not make life too complex for computer-doofuses like me. These days, at my age, "improvement" is too often a code word for unusable. Our goal with the new text edito…
  • @federica said: Then again, when is an older child with a specific issue, manifesting that issue, and when are they just 'playing' on it? Ya know, some kids can be crafty... I see that not as an aspect of labeling, but as an aspect of the…
  • @federica said: I have to confess it irritates me that everything has to bear a label; kids are no longer 'naughty', 'spoiled' or 'disruptive'. It's ADHD, aspergers, dyslexic It's a difficult thing. Labels unlock services and assistance,…
  • @lobster said: Also kids must not listen to jazz You're talking about content. This is more akin to not giving teens a Corvette. Or letting them in casinos.
  • @federica said: Those who balk at discipline and protest at the chastisement, leaning heavily on the "But I thought you were my friend!" angle, are no friends at all. I agree. I think the key difference here is whether you approach friend…
  • Being on the other side of that equation (I think I'd be happier with kids; my husband is very opposed) I have a couple ideas for your husband: First, volunteer with organizations that work with kids. There's a huge amount of satisfaction to be g…
  • I drink a good bit. I have a friend/coworker who doesn't. The only observation I have is that I don't think you should ever be apologetic about it, because it empowers the drinking culture to steer the conversation. Yagr's party line is a great exam…
  • I'm not sure I'd allow a kid under 16 to have a smart phone without strict usage rules. I've heard that folks like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wouldn't let their children use their own products, and I don't think it's an accident that Apple continues …
  • I disabled Gravatar. I checked the main page after I did it and no one’s avatar changed, so I mistakenly assumed it was little-used here. Apparently even web developers forget to clear their cache occasionally. Apologies for not announcing the…
  • @federica You do realize you'll need to "Preview" or "Post Comment" before the GIF appears right? Your laptop model should play no role in this whatsoever. It all happens in the browser so your computer isn't really a variable to worry about.
  • @person said: Fake meats are getting better and lots of effort is being put into it. I'm excited about the prospect of the impact a price and taste competitive alternative will have on society. I strongly agree. If you haven't checked the…
  • @lobster said: Any news? Is the Vanilla software being updated? Rewritten? Are we being karmically punished for our scenes? We're actually a couple versions behind on Vanilla currently, due to some backlogged server maintenance issues pre…
  • Thanks for the detailed reports of the problem! It's what finally led me to the solution. I've been hunting for that one off and on for a while now but my admin permissions prevent me from seeing it.
  • I wrote a patch and deployed it to our server just now. That should be the end of the tyranny of the community garden manager.
  • I found it.