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  • I'm a young guy, so I know for me, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation, is a great book for applying Buddhism and mindfulness into every day life.
  • I went to a particularly large temple in Degu, with a massive gold statue of Buddha on the roof. It was gorgeous, like a touch of nature and beauty in the middle of buildings as far as you can see. I didn't experience much of the Korean Buddhist cul…
  • I prefer to switch it up. Sometimes I will do 108 count of a mantra, sometimes I will let my mind roam free and be comfortable with my thoughts (Or uncomfortable, which is also good), or I will meditate focused on a sertain subject. With all of t…
  • @tosh I joined the army, and quite the time I have had. And @ajhayes I was in Casey for 6 months but my unit deactivated, and then I went on a rigmarole around Korea for a month or so and got to see a little bit of everything, then settled in Hum…
  • I always eat a moderate sized lunch, and I take my time eating it. I read while I eat if it isn't messy food as well. Try carrying around a small book with mindful poems and every time you are feeling off, read one.
  • You know, I haven't let go of the whole sexual impulse thing, but I guess being 17 doesn't help much.
  • @BonsaiDoug I love Custom Mala Shop!
  • @cvalue wow, I could buy each one! They are all beautiful and have great meaning. When the money comes!
  • @ysmael I will have to share a photo of my mala later
  • Exercise: I do various body weight workouts such as pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups, and ride my bike to school 3.9 miles each way, almost daily. Junk food: I only eat it when offered, otherwise I never go out of my way to buy it or eat it. I am try…
  • rocks by the beach complimented by the setting sun. My buddha bust and candles. Swirling clouds from a beautiful storm.
  • @oceancaldera207 @MaryAnne I don't have to talk to teachers much at all, my communication problem primarily lies with peers. In fact, I might not take a full vow of silence, just refrain from talking unless it is important. I just put myself deeper …
  • @how I was just a really picky eater and I'm starting to lose that. That's all. But I never sleep well, not sure what it is. I wake up about 3 or 4 times a night, really aggravated and upset for no reason.
  • @lobster Unfortunately not in the mornings, I only have 30 minutes to get out of bed, teeth brushed, dressed, fed, and out of the door in 30 minutes. Just getting out of bed takes me almost half that.
  • Short answer. You will feel it.
  • I had this through out most of high school until the middle of last year (My junior year.) To me, social anxiety is mostly from fearing other peoples opinions of you. After I started to branch out and started gaining strength in my own opinions and …
  • It was me that said so. And another reason many don't like him is because of criminal allegations. I Think he is fantastic personally.
  • Although many Buddhists don't like the Dalai Llama, He preaches that same idea of simplicity. "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy i…
  • @mfranzdorf Beautifully simple, yet so difficult to achieve.
    in Ultimate Goal? Comment by Cory May 2013
  • When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix
    in Sayings Comment by Cory May 2013
  • It's a little bit of both :thumbsup: Let's put it this way, the individual Implied this: You don't understand because you are not black.
  • I forgot to list if as arts and writings :aol:
    in Remember Comment by Cory March 2013
  • Taxidermy, because you are taking animal corpses and turnig them into a decoration.
  • @lobster We need compassion most of all.
  • Herzlich Willkommen!
  • @how It is something that I will have to get used to. Shouldn't be too hard to stop, and I bet it'll be worth it! I accept the agreement.
  • My dad is making a slight career change. Instead of teaching students, he's teaching teachers.
    in Moving (also) Comment by Cory March 2013
  • @how I feel this is the best place to talk about my personal life because I trust you and everyone else on here, and I always receive helpful information that makes me feel better.
  • Thanks for the good wishes guys. Time to start getting some of my stuff packed! :clap: I don't know why I am excited about packing. I guess it is because I am getting out of this crowded city!
    in Moving (also) Comment by Cory March 2013
  • @MaryAnne Oh but I'm not. I enjoy a lot of The Beetles music, and John Lennons singles Especially imagine.
  • @tenzinchoje I love the DL, and all of his writings, (at least what I have read) but this seems a little bit too rash for the DL. Are there any documented sources? proof?
  • This part especially probably doesn't help matters. Thoughts of death have a nasty way of deepening polarities. I would have to partially disagree with that, because it could also be a way of convincing the person that the matter is imortant.
  • I am moving really soon and my step brother is moving back to his dads. Then I will have a room to myself.
  • @dakini He is graduating this year, and here in florida there's not that many homes with basements sadly. Always wanted one.
  • In other words, there's nothing wrong with murdering people. It's just a training rule. I think Seeker was referring to the last 3, and was saying The first 5 were what I should follow.
  • I share a room, like I have said in previous threads. I ask constantly for him to stop, but he puts on cologne for no reason what so ever. "Waking up? Let me put on some cologne. Getting out of the shower? Let me put on some cologne. Getting up off …
  • @Dandelion I have allergies to most perfumes, so that's my problem. :-/
  • @seeker242 I definitely don't get pleasure from perfumes or colognes. They give me a creaming head ache, but everybody in my house wears them.
  • Cory, it's a no-brainer: use fragrance-free deodorant. Sheesh. I was going by logic. If it doesn't have a scent how is it going to block the bad one. I'd figure if the deodorant has no smell the smell would go right through it. And I don't use an…
  • I really like Fire in the Heart, I have it right now and it is truly inspiring. It says "Spiritual guide for teens" on it, but I think everybody could learn something from it. :om:
  • Haha, I thought the 8th only has to do with the bed, and my bed is on the floor.
  • So don't use it? use it? I am not sure what the wise choice is, otherwise I wouldn't have made the discussion.
  • I only drink tea regularly. If I am to drink coffee it is on occasion. Tea is my only constant source of caffeine, and even then it's not enough to make me hyper.
  • Yeah, that's the thing, I respect their beliefs, but they don't respect mine. :ninja:
  • Some people are too pushy. They push their religion on other people with no regards to the other persons beliefs. A thing similar happened to me, but with another student. I just decided to stop talking because I couldn't get my point across. They w…
  • I don't think that is from evolution, traits like that sound more like a jenetic mutation caused when the rna copying the dna creates a disturbance in the dna sequence. I wish I had eyes that could let me read in the dark!
    in Evolution? Comment by Cory February 2013
  • I can believe it. That's why I think the universe is pure consciousness, this consciousness is connected with all our minds, and this connection is what lets us see things the way they are.
  • I'm going to have to make myself one of these, I already have a good seat cut, all I need is the legs
  • @How Just some goats making human noises, I can give you the link to youtube if you would like. The visuals give you the full affect.