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  • Well, good suggestions are already given. But do you asking a need of an instructor? If you can find a free reliable vippasana center nearby your place then why not to enroll yourself for a 10 day free course.
  • Ya, what a coincident! I was also thinking that whether mediation is the reason that dreams are coming in mind.
  • Rubbing nails of two hands on each other said to be good for hair growth. But don't rub nails of thumb, it enhances growth of mustaches and beard. I have mat with pointed edges on which one has to walk. It helps to press all accu points. I have ob…
  • Once upon a time Buddha was passing from one place to another village to preach. When he found some huts. He asked for water and food at one door. One Lady came out and she told to wait for food and water as she was cooking food. The villagers a…
  • Beacause alcohol damage kidney and liver which leads to very painful end. And before that it disturb brain and may lead to crime and accidents. It not only brings suffering to self but family and society too.
    in Alcohol Comment by rohit September 2016
  • Yes, he taught Vippasana. But he was not the first to invent this technique.
  • Generally, I have observed that the person who is trying/leaned to find answers of unanswered questions and who looks beyond the material comfort is referred as a spiritual. Actual practice of knowledge we get through Dhamma and mediation is need…
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  • Sorry if it offences. @federica
  • Few days ago i learned to make chapati. You can too. Search on youtube please.
  • I feel both burkha and bikney dress are absurd. There is no need to hide hair and face. If just hair and face provokes men then it is not understanding. Bikney is too much to wear at public place. It looks ugly.
  • Protestant
  • I have collected some suttas from dhammapada, they are not more than 30. Those are enough for me to take help to live life whenever I need. Although all are not remembered at once but meaning was in my mind. I read those suttas at regular interval o…
  • You should seat for meditation to understand it.
    in aggregates Comment by rohit August 2016
  • As per my experience astrology is true, particularly the Indian kundali astrology. But I refrain from taking money for reading birth chart to be along with advice of right livelihood and no astrologer can be 100% right in advice to layman. Although …
  • It could have been avoided if all countries had agitated against Bush govt when he implemented war on Iraq. Now only Europeans are being forced to share resources with refugees and UK And USA have closed boundaries to refuges from Syria and Iraq.
  • Whenever I seat in bus to reach some place. I feel that every passenger in the bus is contributing by paying running cost of a bus to reach at a destination. In similar way we all need to contribute to reach same goal in life by helping each others.
  • I think it is practice and not a craving to make our habit to be pleasant to everyone even to them who behaved very bad with us. Whenever we are not good for others in our thoughts or action it is harming us more than that particular person. In th…
  • I asked one monk that how they managed to live eating once a day. He said they eat breakfast and lunch before 12 O'clock. He also said people are very caring they give them enough food and there is no problem. He is from Shri Lanka. When I was le…
  • I keep polythene carry bags to collect household waste. I do balls of them and throw up on rack. There are plenty collection has been occured. When I throw more plastic carry bag balls on shelf. They rolls back down to me. So I just realized that ou…
  • The Buddhist practice is the law of universe actually a Dhamma which we label it Buddhist. Do good and get good in return. You reap what you sow. Therapy is just trying to get good results without deeply realizing the natural law. Try and error k…
  • @Namada said: You didn’t get the job. You couldn’t raise the money. You missed the deadline. You hired the wrong person. You didn’t ask for help. You let someone you love down. You failed to plan in advance. You bit off more than you could…
    in Failure Comment by rohit August 2016
  • @Kerome said: I think the wealthy make a mistake in emphasising the accumulation of more money. It is a problem, you need money to live on, and money gives freedom of action, but being beholden to getting more and more so that you can be rich, et…
  • @karasti said: This is just such a huge topic, I'm not sure anyone here can tell you what investments to make. It is a very individual choice. My 19 year old son already has an IRA that he set up. He has other investments as well, including high,…
  • @SpinyNorman said: @rohit said:> The solution given by him to be rich is to make cash flow chart. The definition of investment he makes " Something which keeps money in your pocket is investment." So the car and house are not a invest…
  • We can refine our mind and thinking pattern which would turn in possibly in good fortune. As a fan of Indian astrology I heard from some pundits that just hard work can not give you results , it also requires luck. First time I hated that words bu…
  • https://www.dhamma.org/en/locations/directory#US
  • @federica said: I think you either need to clarify that comment, or I need to delete it, because that's actually pretty insulting by the sound of it, @rohit ... No, It is not insulting. In that 'We' myself is also included. Many people on…
  • We try to avoid politics but blame government for everything.
  • We humans just can not realize that this body and materialistic life is impermanent and should not be depended on it for happiness. So it must be lack of understanding or low intelligence which seems like mental problem.
  • There is other word Aayat which means diagonal.
  • Sometimes I feel plants are enlighten beings because most of them, does not react violently and react pleasantly unlike animals.
    in Plants Comment by rohit June 2016
  • @FullCircle said: Hi Spiny, I thought the 18 dhatus were the 6 sense organs, the 6 sense objects, and the 6 sense consciousnesses. Then the 12 Ayatanas are the same but just don't include the consciousness part? I need to study up but that's …
  • @Boru said: @Cinorjer said: Fascinating. And the value of the pound has tanked of course as various betters on the currency markets either won or lost a fortune. Now comes the endless "What does this mean" analysis from the experts.…
  • Just seeking religion to be a part of community. Does not make sense. If you like Buddhism and found it true after proper analysis then it should be followed. Lust is one the hindrance to enlighten self. It applies to bisexual and others too. And ge…
  • IP man part 1,2 and 3
  • One Buddhist girl wants to marry a Christian boy. She ask her father. Father replies it's OK but why you need to convert to chritianity. She says otherwise his family members would not accept me but I promise that in next birth I would be Buddhist a…
    in Funny Stuff Comment by rohit June 2016
  • There is phrase " If you are sane it does not mean everybody around you would be nice". As a layman one has to protect oneself from arrogants who cross there lines. Buddha never rejected self defence and punishing people who does violence.
  • I think majority of people from England would vote against EU and little more than 55% people of Scotland would favor EU.
  • Ya, they shouldn't be mixed. Does Tarot meditation based on reality or just blind faith? In Buddhism the blind faith is not favoured and it should be avoided.
  • You were both friends and may have nice time. It could be a good match. In discussion one should not argue to win. Sometime we may ignore and convince them on right time if necessary. Giving proof to prove yourself right making her think that you ar…
  • 62% of people will favour to leave EU.
  • I adhere to Theravada because it said to be oldest and I do not like rituals much. And it suits to my way of learning skills.
  • Generally on fool moon day I feel nervous or restless.
  • Turned to 30 years today. 20th June is my birthday.