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  • I killed a fly in the office this week You are a sinner @Lee82, you bought a one way ticket to hell!
  • I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me; the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart. I have to exercise early in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing. Women who…
    in Funny Stuff Comment by Namada August 7
  • Iam reading Papillon by Henri Charrière, The novel details Papillon's incarceration and subsequent escape from the French penal colony of French Guiana, very good book I think, and macho
  • Buddhism its all about our attitude, tolerance and adjust to our enviroment, just like water we are, even if its brutal and unfair we go with the flow. What can we as individual do about capitalism? Nothing :P
  • Problem with capitalism its always about growth and the craving for short term profit. But the companies dosent give anything back to nature. Who is the bigest loser? The humans, not jet but very soon, we will not last longer than 1000 years f…
  • The only way out is to earn enough money so you can quit your job, then you are free to do what you want. Grow some plants, make your own garden, go fishing and build a log house with your family, but still have a bank account thats ok in case the …
  • Yes, Coca Cola for example. Not so good for peoples health, but he earn money, that is most important for him. Greed and Ignorance at the same time, but he is a very smart man many will say.
  • Capitalism is about the rich people investing their money in to things that they can earn even more. So if you have much already you will get more. Thats why we now have few people earning more than 98 % of the people in this world. They protect the…
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Namada July 25
  • in How to die Comment by Namada July 25
  • What is working for Mx Angry? When Iam angry iam angry, thats the way it is, just be open to it and watch. Dont hide it, maybe for others if you can (so they dont get hurt), but dont hide it to yourself, give it some free room (imaginery) a…
    in Mx Angry Comment by Namada July 20
  • Tourettes, most honest people on earth and they take it with a smile
    in Funny Stuff Comment by Namada July 18
  • If we can call all the members here in newbuddhist for a sangha, then thats the only sangha Iam visiting. NB dont have a temple jet as far as I know? Maybe we could build one in minecraft
  • Hmmm, whats wrong with this monk, he has achived enlightenment and he is still not happy? Now he want his money back?
    in suffering/Dukka Comment by Namada July 7
  • My brain hurts. What's the point of all your riddle posts Upekka? to really prove that wathever arises is suffering/Dukka
    in suffering/Dukka Comment by Namada July 7
  • awsome picture, To be content with your own trash, thats art (and hardcore dharma) You eat really healthy stuff by the way, where is the chocolate paper?
  • Desire is what it is, just like anger, jelousy, resentment and so on, it is empty and not lasting. It can be very strong though and difficult to deal with at certain times. Like sugar craving Oposite of desire, is to be content with what you hav…
  • I dont know what you did or what happend, but to forgive yourself even for smaller mistakes can be hard. So Its good to go talk with friends or monks, I think they will understand and they are there for helping out laypeople. Everyone fucks things u…
  • Wow moment for me was to realize that I had a monkey mind that told me a lot of strange and fearfull stories. But the teaching told me I could choose not to follow them and how to get free. And also the power of metta and smiling is a wow factor…
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Namada June 7
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Namada June 6
  • When you have someone trying to sabotage and take all the credits for you and youre colleague's work, you can not just let it pass and pretend everything is ok. I had done as you plan to do, tell this to your manager, and the more evidence and witne…
  • I think It's both a sad and a happy video, we can see that their eyes are like mirror of their soul (or what we should call it). Its clearly they have experienced difficult things like death, illness and loss, especially we can see this in the older…
  • Thank you @karasti and @federica Not the easiest decisions to do, but sometimes we have to leave the safe ground to be able to grow and learn new things.
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada May 1
  • I was in a meeting with the parquet compnay last week and I said yes to their job offer. I will work as a project manager. I will also develop their online store. The main reason is that this is a daytime job and I have a chance to learn new stuf…
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada May 1
  • @dhammachick so you worked with IT? How is it to have an office job, do you not get restless? sit on a chair in front of a computere and a phone all day long? Iam just asking because I have never had such a job.
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada April 23
  • Iv been working there for 8 years, but I have decided to stay, its more like a common saying changing job is good for you.
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada April 23
  • There are some people telling me that you should change job after 5 years, it is healthy to try something new, but Iam not so sure, if you feel happy where you are why not stay?
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada April 23
  • Very wise said @federica I have changed my sleep pattern, and Iam using a bike instead of car to work (most of the days). They have just lost two important people, especially the one who was the founder and driver to get half of the sales. And no…
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada April 23
  • @karasti shift work its terrible yes, I have almost crashed with my car several times. And there are many diseases you can get, diabets 2 and lung cancer and many other bad things. I will choose nr 2 . Sales its not so bad as it sounds, its more …
    in Changing job? Comment by Namada April 22
  • Globalism vs Protectionism? Its better for the consumer to not think about boarders, one free market where everyone can buy and sell whitout regulations from the goverment. Goverment dosent work more for the people, their only interest is to fig…