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  • I was trying to keep this general, but it appears that my question was too vague to be of much value. Over the years, I have found many maladaptive beliefs that I hold. I have found it useful to go back to the origins of those beliefs and examine …
    in Birth of Beliefs Comment by yagr May 30
  • I use sweetgrass and sage.
    in Do You Smell? Comment by yagr May 27
  • On May 10th, I celebrated twenty-six years clean and sober and during that time, I've come to view treatment facilities rather negatively. When I first cleaned up (the first time) it was 1978 and treatment centers were few and far between. In my a…
  • @Tsultrim said: We're all just canaries twittering in our cages. In the relative world, it's mostly money that gets to talk. This reminds me of a quote from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I'm going from memory so t…
  • I remember picking up my then six year old daughter at an after school program one day and she tried to point out her new friend playing in the middle of a gaggle of kids. "The one wearing jeans." I think one of the kids wasn't wearing jeans, …
  • @Lee82 said: I can't imagine a world where there was say a cap of $100/day in earnings, or where everyone had the same amount regardless of the job they did, regardless of the risk they took or the success they had, or even if they didn't work at…
  • @WesternBuddhism said: Just been doing homework on how Some CEOs earn over 700x more than average employees, yet why does anyone need this much money when people can’t even feed themselves across the world, There are some folks out there …
  • @federica said: ....I would however, also warn you about "The Emotional Vampire" Syndrome.... Took the words right out of my mouth.
  • @lobster said: > We have to 'learn to think'. In dharma, just as in science we have to develop critical and objective thinking. For example can we jump out of our identities as Neo-Buddhists, Neo-Alchemists, Neo-Samsara devotees or …
  • You might be interested in the book, The Six Questions of Socrates by Christopher Philips. I found it a fun, fascinating read.
  • Interesting. I am dealing with something quite similar right now in my own life (psychiatric testing as part of disability claim) and find that I simply cannot answer the questions. I registered with the intention of taking the test but a quick sc…
  • Are you certain that it is guilt you are feeling? I ask only because I often confuse guilt and shame.
    in Guilt Comment by yagr March 18
  • Congratulations, much love to the happy couple.
  • I laughed at the idea of turning thirty being an issue right up till the day before my thirtieth birthday. Suddenly, it became a big deal. So I got myself a sandwich board, took it to the busiest corner in Fairbanks, Alaska, put it on after I had …
    in Turning 30 Comment by yagr October 2017
  • @Kerome said: Ahh 30... I remember being that young! I don't - too long ago.
    in Turning 30 Comment by yagr October 2017
  • @silver said: What I read about your friend/acquaintance, @Yagr, is that his dad was on FBI most wanted at some point. Did you know his dad, too? No, and I only knew him through the poker tables. Knew his name, he knew mine - friend…
  • @karasti said: Don't be hard on yourself thinking you should have known something, @yagr. Even those closest to him didn't know. nods It's been years since I've seen him, and that's a lot of time to change. We used to play poker together…
  • Some of my favorite things suck...PM me if you need an address to send me a vacuum cleaner. On a more serious note, I often find myself in staunch disagreement with folks who say that you can't love someone you only know online. There are people…
  • I've searched in vain since this thread appeared, trying to find a story I thought might be germane to the conversation, with no luck. Perhaps someone can give me some direction to find it if I describe it accurately and they have it handy... It…