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  • @federica said: ....I would however, also warn you about "The Emotional Vampire" Syndrome.... Took the words right out of my mouth.
  • @lobster said: > We have to 'learn to think'. In dharma, just as in science we have to develop critical and objective thinking. For example can we jump out of our identities as Neo-Buddhists, Neo-Alchemists, Neo-Samsara devotees or …
  • You might be interested in the book, The Six Questions of Socrates by Christopher Philips. I found it a fun, fascinating read.
  • Interesting. I am dealing with something quite similar right now in my own life (psychiatric testing as part of disability claim) and find that I simply cannot answer the questions. I registered with the intention of taking the test but a quick sc…
  • Are you certain that it is guilt you are feeling? I ask only because I often confuse guilt and shame.
    in Guilt Comment by yagr March 18
  • Congratulations, much love to the happy couple.
  • I laughed at the idea of turning thirty being an issue right up till the day before my thirtieth birthday. Suddenly, it became a big deal. So I got myself a sandwich board, took it to the busiest corner in Fairbanks, Alaska, put it on after I had …
    in Turning 30 Comment by yagr October 2017
  • @Kerome said: Ahh 30... I remember being that young! I don't - too long ago.
    in Turning 30 Comment by yagr October 2017
  • @silver said: What I read about your friend/acquaintance, @Yagr, is that his dad was on FBI most wanted at some point. Did you know his dad, too? No, and I only knew him through the poker tables. Knew his name, he knew mine - friend…
  • @karasti said: Don't be hard on yourself thinking you should have known something, @yagr. Even those closest to him didn't know. nods It's been years since I've seen him, and that's a lot of time to change. We used to play poker together…
  • Some of my favorite things suck...PM me if you need an address to send me a vacuum cleaner. On a more serious note, I often find myself in staunch disagreement with folks who say that you can't love someone you only know online. There are people…
  • I've searched in vain since this thread appeared, trying to find a story I thought might be germane to the conversation, with no luck. Perhaps someone can give me some direction to find it if I describe it accurately and they have it handy... It…
  • I prefer a vegetarian diet but couldn't, in good conscience, continue to do so. Since moving back to the reservation the community center sporadically gets large quantities of fish and/or meat (salmon for instance, elk, moose and deer both from hun…
  • @IronRabbit said: I am half full. I am half empty. I have twice as much glass as I need to. I think this is piss.
  • @Shoshin said: Even the agnostic can't just sit on the fence....they have to choose ... Um Agnostic-Theist ? Or Agnostic-Atheist ? .. I found that the article simply reinforced my reluctance to choose in order to communicate which…
  • @SpinyNorman said: What I struggle to understand is why people with some kind of God belief choose to explore Buddhism, which is essentially a non-theist tradition. Wouldn't Hinduism be a more obvious choice? I think it is because any ot…
  • I will let someone far more knowledgeable than I answer the question - but I did want to welcome you to the forum.
    in PLEASE HELP Comment by yagr August 2017
  • This is a real question: Does studying the sutra's work? I rather think it is like 'not trying to think of a pink elephant'. The relaxed mind absorbs differently. Thank you for the question @Kannon.
  • @karasti said: I know a lot of people who are happy to say they believe in no God or gods at all. But they hesitate with atheist because so many assume that means you are a cold person who believes in nothing, which isn't the truth for most peopl…
  • I think that peace is impermanent for us mere mortals. I've faced what I believed was 'the end' many times, in fact, my heart has stopped at least four times. Sometimes I've caught myself thinking, 'This is a good day to die' with gratitude and se…
  • @Mingle said: I am, whether there is a god or isn't I can't possibly know. You could call that agnostic but would that make me agnostic towards fairies and unicorns too? No. Fairies and unicorns definitely exist. Damn heretics...